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Yesterday WE read with sadness the passing of ‘Poof’. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans. Although our Intel seldom agreed with his we always looked forward to his weekly Sunday report. Rest in peace Poof.


Today there is an article posted on the Nesara Blog Site quoting well known journalist and commentator Rich Lowery of “POLITICO” saying Obama was in the residence of the White House, high on cocaine, the night of 9-11-12, the night four Americans died in the Benghazi attacks. Twenty more would have died had a couple of military hero’s not disregarded their orders to ‘stand down’ and allow these people to be slaughtered. Now these survivors have been threatened by the Obama Administration and precluded from telling the American people how they were left to die by Hillary and Obama. Two or three days after this happened WE were informed Obama was drugged out of his mind and refused even to take phone calls to the residence much less perform his duties as Commander In Chief, WE were advised by sources in D.C. of these details now being reported by Lowry and POLITICO.  After some discussion we withheld this Intel because we could not verify what we were being told. It now appears we were not the only ones in possession of this Intel. As we remember this Memorial Day those who have given their lives for our country let us also remember that corrupt politicians don’t really care how many die, or under what circumstances, so long as it doesn’t affect them or their ‘partying’.  These Americans died because Hillary and Obama just didn’t give a damn and refused to come out from behind their ‘do not disturb’ signs. They are both among the greatest LIARS ever to hold high office in America. They are COMMUNIST, committed to ‘Fundamentally Changing America’, in other words the intentional destruction of democracy, free enterprise capitalism, the Republic and its Constitution. They are The New World Order. This story continues. What follows has to be reported to you as rumor because WE can’t prove it to be accurate but one morning soon you may awake to ‘The Rest of The Story’ as Paul Harvey would say. WE hear the Obama/Holder attack upon the free press in America, specifically the secret subpoena’s for the phone records of twenty telephone lines at the Associated Press and the Stalinesk attack upon James Rosen at Fox News, had nothing to do with a ‘terrorist in Yemen’ as they claimed but rather is an attempt to identify the “National Security” White House ‘leak’ responsible for the above disclosures of the treasonous dereliction of duty by Obama and Hillary who failed to even try to prevent the rape and murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi, a man dearly loved by the Libyan people. Had two military hero’s not ignored their orders to ‘stand down’ all twenty four Americans would have been slaughtered. The press release from the White House would have said all died at the hands of the terrorist. NO, those that died did so at the hands of Hillary and Obama both of whom are COMMUNIST CRIMINALS who are continuing, our sources say, to block our deliveries, the currency re-sets and asset backed banking.


Now that various scandals are breaking out all around Obama with more to come we can surely expect, can we not, that the people will wake up and realize that our country is being intentionally destroyed by this man and his handlers?  His approval ratings have dropped from 52% to 48%. Now isn’t that just dandy. It does not matter what he does now, he has 50% of the people dependent upon Gov’t. (Communism) and its growing every day not shrinking. He is using our tax dollars to put up billboards around the country soliciting everyone to sign up for food stamps, then giving monetary rewards to the States which sign up the most. And free phones to illegal aliens. Free to them, not to the taxpayers who are paying for them. OBAMA IS INTENTIONALLY BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY just as WE have been reporting for four and a half years. Forty Eight percent of voting Americans don’t care. They are perfectly happy to live under the unfolding Marxism/Communism offering them free stuff and they don’t care that their apathy spells slavery for their children and grandchildren.


What do you suppose has happened to Heneghan? Someone reported his web site under attack and now he has not updated since May 1st. He was disclosing quite an array of secret stuff. Can anyone confirm whether he is still ‘free’, still alive?


The reason WE are providing fewer updates than in times gone by is because our Intel simply does not agree with the many messengers flooding your in box with their ‘Any Minute’ reports day after day, week after week, month after month. Our Intel has consistently said   ‘it ain’t happening right now’   leaving us in conflict with all other messengers. WE have reported this truth to you month after month only to be criticized by those who consider truth to be ‘negative’ unless it comports with whatever line of B.S. is being distributed that week. I wish I could lay hands on the famous quote by Thomas Paine or Paul Revere or someone who once said, paraphrasing, “I would rather know the truth and deal with it than to tolerate any more smoke being blown up my ass”. Not everyone feels that way. Some would rather have another shot of heroin, or B.S….   While the very very long string of excuses for delay are repeated ad infinitum, especially on the Dinar Oriented web-sites, no attention is given to the bigger picture that being the blockage by Obama and the Banking Cabal/Illuminati he works for.  Mickey Mouse excuses are provided, relayed to the masses by those who should have figured things out by now since it has been going on for years. Every update WE have provided, as far back as I can remember, has concentrated on the subject of the WAR that is ongoing behind the scenes with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. The Fiat/Fractional/NWO/Illuminati establishment will do anything, anything at all, to force a continuation of the status quo in order to maintain themselves in power and to maintain ‘CONTROL’ of the world via their control of Fiat Currencies and Fractional Banking Systems.  They have refused to ‘throw in the towel’ which means they will not give up their Printing Presses or production of thin air e-currency. Obama et al, our sources say, has said many times, as we have reported, and continues to say, that he will not allow the people to receive any significant money as it might cost him and his Communist New World Order Allies CONTROL. This fight, this WAR, is constantly ongoing we are informed. Even this past week this street fight, this fist fight, this knife fight between Obama’s blockage and those creating the new, has continued we are informed. This is where the rubber meets the road. Until this battle is won ‘at the top’ it doesn’t matter how ‘ready to go’ things are down below or which excuse is being used to divert attention this week or last week or the month before that. The primary issue is the demise or the continuation of Fiat, not the status of the hydrocarbon law in Iraq. Sometimes it makes us sad, sometimes it makes us mad, the garbage being fed to the people by those who are so ridiculously uninformed yet think they are ‘on top of things’. They are so far ‘downstream’ from what’s happening at the levels which count they are not even aware of the bigger picture much less its status. The G-7, perhaps more, are flooding the world with thin air Fiat Currencies in the greatest financial EXPERIMENT in history. ‘THEY’ are attempting to tax, borrow and spend their way out of an impossible situation. This attempt by the existing Powers That Be to save their world, their Fraudulent Financial Playpen, is doomed and they know it so what they are trying to do, as WE understand it, is to hold the status quo together with spit and glue and Govt Spending of thin air money until they can implement a new system WHICH THEY CONTROL, perhaps having a metals or commodities component to lend some credibility. A New World Order System. Perhaps LaGarde gets the Trillion she wants so she can issue ‘Special Drawing Rights’ to nations and become the new big fish in their new big pond assuming she is not removed from office and jailed as a result of her trial now under way in Paris (she diverted some 362M euro’s to a French Businessman while Finance Minister of France). WE could expand upon similar possibilities ‘they’ would like to implement to stop ‘The New’ when the existing Ponzi implodes but such details are not the point. The fact that they are still working to stop ‘The New’ and preserve themselves and the Corporation in power is the point. There are many ways to create a Black Swan Event sufficient to ‘take down’ their fraudulent playpen but such an outcome would create all kinds of chaos. In our last update WE speculated that it may come to that, it might be necessary to face this chaos given the intransigence of the Criminal Cabal controlling our President, our Politicians and our Country. WE don’t know when or how ‘they’ will be overcome, only that it  is necessary if our situation is to unfold as we have always expected it to which includes the demise of the Corporation. As WE see it, it is a fight between good and evil with the future of the planet at stake. As WE see it, the WAR is ongoing week after week while other messengers report imminent deliveries and R.V.’s..  As reported to us and as we have been reporting to you for years with emphasis on the most recent several months, Obama is stopping EVERYTHING having to do with The New and must be overcome before we can receive. This can happen at any time or it might go on indefinitely. At the higher levels these things might be considered ‘negotiations’ rather than ‘war’. Negotiations usually end at some point. Even wars end unless your name is Kim Jung whatever. WE agree with one of POOF’s primary observations, that being that the U.S. (Obama) does not actually rule the world, he just thinks he does. The debtor can only dictate terms to the creditors until the creditors get their fill of it and decide to ‘pull the trigger’ so to speak.


One more observation: WE can find no agreement among our sources that Lew or LaGarde are ‘on our side’. The U.S. controls the I.M.F..  Lew is a left wing zealot, an Obama puppet, certainly not someone wanting to reestablish the Republic and most certainly not, in our opinion, it’s ‘interim president’ as reported on one of the web sites. Some of the things people say/write on the various web sites border on insanity but mostly it just exposes the unbelievable levels of ignorance and gullibility of the people doing the writing/reporting. WE ‘Program Participants’ may have been equally gullible 20 years ago, a quarter century ago for some of us. Remember?  Until the war ‘at the top’ is settled the silly hand-me-down excuses for the masses will continue.


God bless Poof and our country’s Veterans on this their special day.