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Well friends, if you have been doing your homework, i.e. ‘paying attention’, there has certainly been much to observe since last we spoke/wrote.


Let’s start with observations regarding the ‘Collateral Accounts’ and those attempting to gain control over them. It is clear now that OPPT was/is attempting, in the company of UNSwissIndo, to gain control over the accounts which explains why they chose not to answer questions WE posed publically –twice- asking about their intentions vis a vie these accounts, or why they twice turned down meetings with attorney friends of ours after claiming to be ‘transparent’.  Recently they (Heather, et al) have said that OPPT has ‘closed up shop’ as of 3-18-13 and no longer exist. This has not slowed their efforts to ‘grab the money’ according to overseas sources. WE heard two weeks ago the real reason they cancelled their OPPT endeavor was because lawsuits against them claiming damages were being filed in several different countries. Then we witnessed, if you are paying attention, the tomato throwing between them and Keenan followed by ‘a peace treaty’ that lasted a few days after which the warfare resumed, this time with explosives tucked inside the tomato’s. Now comes Whistleblower with his own bag of very old tomato’s, re-entering the fray and saying- rather repeating- his refrain of many years, ‘all belongs to the OITC, pay no attention to those other claimants’. Then of course we have the See Eye Ay, the depositor countries, the Qing Dynasty, the claims of ‘we the people’ (worldwide) and no telling how many others claiming ‘control’ if not outright ownership, all in all a big fat mess. WE hear and have previously reported that Heather and Whistleblower are both Communist and now we hear that Heather worked for Whistleblower at one time. In a previous update dated three or five months ago we reported at great length our ‘findings’ regarding the OITC claims including denials by the UN itself, also the UN legal counsel himself and also the fact that their codes don’t work, that they have no access to the funds any more than does Keenan or OPPT. WE also reported the remarks of the OITC itself, current at that time, that Whistleblower does not now nor has he ever worked for the OITC and that Whistleblower is not now nor has he ever been the spokesperson for the OITC. This update is archived at along with hundreds of others if you would care to read it again. All OITC claims are based on the use of FRAUDULANT COUNTERFEIT DOCUMENTS our sources say. They have no control over or access to any funds or any of the many Collateral Accounts our sources say. Whistleblower has for many years described for his audience that special clearances are required to see the OITC authorization documents, clearances available only to Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers. Since he has never worked for or represented OITC (according to the OITC itself) how, WE wonder, does he know what the documents say or even whether they actually exist? For ten years the OITC has tried to access the accounts without success, the last five years unsuccessfully attempting every conceivable gambit. And, say representatives of the Qing Dynasty, they will continue to fail. While many are screaming MINE—MINE--MINE our Intel says none have control and none of the above will be obtaining control in the future. These funds are ‘locked down’ our sources say and eventually a committee will do the deciding about who gets what and who gets nothing. In the meantime the soap opera continues because the ‘stakes’ are indeed very high.


Next let’s revisit the Dinar R.V. business.  The ‘stories’ keep on coming like water over Niagara Falls. What had been a steady flow of two new stories each week has become even more than that recently. Three or so weeks ago the story was the R.V. was being moved to Canada because W.F. got caught stealing. Then it changed to Deutsche Bank running W.F. and responsible for the delays. Then Buffets stock got bought. Then it was being shifted to two other big domestic banks. Then China is taking over and again the bosses got fired, replacements brought in and now all is once again a go-- except it didn’t go, did it. Our investigations which go on continuously demonstrate that almost every one on these ‘stories’ is a complete fabrication. It is amazing really, that no one actually checks what they are told as most of the ‘stories’ are easily disproved. If someone tells you China has taken over W.F. and has changed management and several members of the board, that is not hard to confirm or deny yet no one bothers. These types of stories have been passed down from above week after week as far back as any of US can remember. Our commentary goes back to a year ago when the R.V. of the IQD went viral on the net. Our Intel at that time, reported then and subsequently restated several times, said this is a BUSH/MALIKI scam wherein they are providing an unlimited supply of worthless Dinar from warehouses full of it in Iraq, distributing it through a worldwide brokerage operation wherein everyone involved makes lots of money except, of course, the public who are unknowingly funding a recapitalization of the Criminals and the Fiat Monetary System itself. The key word here is FIAT. If such a funding (R.V.) did occur in FIAT it would mean, in our opinion, a continuation of the status quo indefinitely. Then we read the many reports of BUSH CRONIES such as Baker, Gonzales, etc. being in Reno and leave us not overlook dear old Madame WU. The original WU, a former Finance Minister for Communist China, was found to be ‘in bed with’ Bush Senior several years ago as we reported at the time. She was found out, a special plane was sent for her and she was returned to China under guard as WE reported at the time, and never heard from again. Now, in recent months, another WU shows up in Reno say the ‘Dinar Guru’s’. Isn’t that something, Bush Senior Cronies and another WU all in Reno again. WE rechecked our Intel from three or four years ago and have been reassured the real WU is dead and buried near her father in China. Then a Keenan update comes out recently saying OPPT had been trying unsuccessfully to reach the real Madame Wu in China and that she is in fact deceased and the new Madame WU running to and fro is a mid-level bank functionary. Of course those of you doing your homework already know all of this. WE believed way back then and still do, that an R.V. in Fiat would spell defeat for the new, no ‘new’ banking system, no ‘new’ currency, no return to Constitutional Law, the Cabal wins, etc. etc. etc…..While the endeavor described above appeared to be underway for the past year on the one hand, other ‘signs’ pointed to a simultaneous effort by ‘the good guys’ to R.V., or more accurately, ‘Re-Set’, the world’s currencies including the IQD. One of the most important of these ‘signs’ has been Obama’s blockage of the R.V. and package deliveries to the people. Our sources have been telling us for months that the R.V. was not about to happen, that Obama and allies are blocking it, culminating with Intel two weeks ago saying, ‘there will be no R.V. in April’. During the past year WE have expressed our desire many times that those who bought Dinar would be rewarded saying, paraphrasing , ‘the more people who get paid the more people in poverty that can be helped’. The difference between an R.V. in asset backed currency vs. Fiat is, In our opinion, the difference between victory and defeat. So on the one hand WE want it to happen, but on the other it must not be for the purpose of recapitalizing the Cabal and the Criminals who run it.  WE have been reporting Obama’s blockage for months. WE refer to his blockage of the new and everything associated with it including an asset backed R.V..   It seems to us that this blockage is now self-evident. I sometimes wonder whether Reno and the IQD R.V. is some sort of diversion. Iraq does not have the funds necessary to support an R.V.. China says they are not funding it. There is so much counterfeit Iraq currency that merchants in Iraq want nothing to do with it demanding dollars instead. The bad guys may have already raised billions of dollars selling the worthless crap to an innocent public worldwide but they surely have still more warehouses full of it to cash in at R.V. time. If you were attempting to restructure the world and stop the corruption would you begin by ‘cashing in’ their Dinar for them? Also, where do you think the banks are going to get the money to ‘cash you in’ when you arrive there? The funds some think are available for this purpose are frozen, can’t be accessed. My guess is a new currency all together with everything leading up to it a side show, a diversion. Another guess is that it will be necessary to have an actual crash of the existing fiat system because ‘they’ would not lay down their ‘weapons’ and go peacefully, and that raises the issue of ‘how long’. Without ‘outside’ help it might require two or three years for it (the Ponzi) to implode upon its self.  I suspect we will not have to wait for that, I suspect that even now plans are likely being implemented to nudge the existing structure over the cliff. But I am not certain, I am guessing, I am offering an opinion. What if Obama, Napolitano and their handlers proceed with their Police State including Martial Law? What if Obama has a ‘piece of the action’ of Dinar sales and continues to collect so long as they are being sold? Might that not be one of many reasons for his blockage? Looking at the larger worldwide picture, how much money do you suppose ‘they’ collect each week through their brokerage network by ‘pumping’ the never ending story line that it is going to R.V. tonight, certainly by noon tomorrow? The DINAR GURU’s remind me of ourselves four or five years into ‘our business’. We thought we knew what was going on, Remember? Here we sit 20 years later. The ‘World Situation’ controls their ‘Dinar Business’ yet they hardly seem to realize that there is a ‘world situation’ to contend with. The tail cannot wag the dog.


One alternative to the above is that our country, indeed the world, has already been taken over by the Banking Cabal, the New World Order, The Illuminati, Obama, The Creditors, etc.. If so the ‘soon to be extinct’ Fed Res Dollar will likely be replaced by a ‘Cashless Society’ and its digital Smart Cards. Just last week Joe Biden pulled a Bush Senior, raising the specter of the New World Order in a public speech. The NWO is Communist as is Obama and most of the Democrat Party. We are surrounded by evil and most of us know it. Is there a force anywhere capable of saving us and our country? Heneghan reports the activities of the U.S./French Intelligence somethingorother operating on U.S. soil that might save us. WE can not verify his Intel. The supposed SCOTUS Wanta disbursement orders for April 1st and 25th didn’t work out, there was no Martial Law on May 1st.  Mr. Wanta, will you please step forward long enough to tell us whether we can trust Heneghan?


Speaking of the utter and complete FRAUD sitting in the Oval Office, you are aware that the GFL and other such ‘celestial’ sources have been selling and pushing Obama, along with the American Communist Party, since the beginning of his first term. NOW SEE THIS, on the MacHaffie Nesara Blog site (or was it ‘Ascension 2012’) if memory serves, the first of its kind explaining from the ‘Cosmic Awareness’ (celestial) point of view that Obama is not a good guy and it fact works for the Cabal/Illuminati just as WE have been reporting since 2008. THIS IS A MUST READ if you have the slightest interest in the truth. With the Fiat Monetary System Central Banks and the President of Corporation USA working together to block the new and preserve themselves in power at all cost,  it’s going to take someone with a very big stick to overcome them. We Shall Overcome!


What do you suppose happened to the White Hats? Last I remember they were going to provide their most important update ever, in November I think it was. Were they bought off? Threatened? Got tired and went home? What do you suppose happened to those supposed helpers Drake was speaking for?


The creation of funds ‘from thin air’ by the Fed, the movement of those funds into the banks from where they find their way to prop up the Stock Market, is continuing throughout the Western World in quantities no one could have imagined a couple of years ago. It is as if ‘they’ are conducting a monetary experiment with the lives of the people at stake; ‘how far can we push this Ponzi Monetary Scheme before it collapses completely’?  These and many other highly visible activities are not in keeping with the possibility of the new but rather a desperate attempt to preserve the status quo. We are 237 years old. Will we make it to 238?


The new BRICS bank? Two or three years away say sources overseas.


Big Chinese Bankers in Switzerland and Lichtenstein this week, reason unknown.


A ‘run’ on physical gold by the public in China this week (legal).


The Indonesian Courts have no jurisdiction regarding Keenan say sources (remember his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit).   HOMEWORK. The Dutch have demanded their Gold back (from Indonesia).




Slovenia’s debt reduced to junk status, next domino to fall.


France-Idiot President-a Liberal-announces 75% tax rates. Successful people leaving the country so Hollande (the Pres.) gets zero taxes. Brilliant.


How many times, how many updates, have WE reported about Li and LEE in China? Dozens? This week Bloomberg says Li 15th richest in the world at 27.5B and Lee 18th richest at 25.1B……..


U.S. debt up by SEVEN TRILLION in last six years.


Beatrix gone, Son takes over, 78% approve.


Dow breaks 15,000 today for 1st time in history. Isn’t it fun what one can do with a magic money machine.


Still no good news from our sources regarding an R.V. near term. They have been so right for so long we do not question them, we just report, you decide.


                           Casper   5-3-13