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Well, seeing as how we have only written two updates so far this week we have decided to go ahead with #3 so you will be sure to  ‘get your money’s worth’  this week.  Ha.


As you know, the entire financial/investment/metals communities have been trying to figure out the reason for the dramatic sell-off in the metals last Friday and continuing this week. Many newsletter writers have put forth their thoughts and opinions for interested parties to consider. WE have an opinion, actually some ‘Intel’ rather than an opinion, but you know the rules, WE cannot ‘guarantee’ our Intel. WE believe it to be accurate or else we would just call it an ‘opinion’ and leave it at that.


Our Intel says JPM and Black Rock were attempting to buy 12 to 18 Gold Mines and smashed the metals prices (no doubt with the help of their criminal partners) in order to influence the negotiations.


Their offers were turned down our Intel says. Their  ‘price’  take down was accomplished in the ‘Paper Gold’ Markets using naked shorts (no margin requirements). Owners of ‘Physical’ metals are refusing to deal with the criminals who control the ‘Paper’ markets. Hallelujah.



                       Casper   4-19-13