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Intel from our sources remains the same as it was in our last update three or so weeks ago. It says that Obama continues to block everything saying that he will never allow an R.V. to occur or delivery of funds to the people. This is and has been the position of Obama, the big domestic banks, the Fed and other Western Central Banks including the Bk. Of England, the ECB and the Bk. Of Japan. Although a huge percentage of the countries see things differently and are in favor of the ‘new’ the power, the economic, military and monetary power, still resides in the West as they continue to do every possible thing to retain control of the world and to maintain themselves in power.


There is more dis-info on the internet than ever before. Recent reports saying Diamond resigned from Chase and called for the arrest most U.S. Banking Executives was not only false but so easily proven false one must question the motivations of those who ‘post’ such nonsense. Then came the internet reports that Joel Olsteen not only resigned from the church he and his father built but Christianity as well. So easily dis-proved with a phone call or a check of their web-site. Why do you suppose those who post such lies have no concern for their reputations and even less concern for the truth?  Then came a flurry of reports saying “tiers one and two have cashed out, we are next”?  That did not and has not happened. To the extent there has been any R.V. activity whatsoever, it is nothing but the movement of computer digits which has been happening for years involving various Trustees, etc., as WE have previously reported. It does not amount to a hill of beans. No actual funds are changing hands or have ever changed hands say our sources.


Writing updates under the existing circumstances is a pain in the butt. WE do not like playing the role of an old ‘stick in the mud’ or providing what many term ‘negative reporting’.  These updates are now read by tens of thousands of people but WE had no such intent in the beginning. They were written for a small audience of those you would now classify as ‘old-timers’. Twenty years ago WE were not old timers. The updates were provided for a small audience of friends in the programs, twenty three of which have now passed. There was no WE in those days. It was ME who promised this circle of friends and fellow investors that I would always tell them the truth, good or bad, as best I could determine it and when ‘I’ became ‘WE’ that promise carried over and is still true today along with another caveat which says WE don’t know everything and don’t pretend to. And so, if you are one of the many who view truth as ‘negative reporting’ WE suggest you look elsewhere as WE have obligations of our own to fulfill.


Ninety percent of what is being reported on the net is disinformation, pure hokum. It originates in D.C. at least twice each week and is dutifully spread by messengers who should know better by now. The last time WU was reported to be in Reno one call to China blew that entire line of B.S. sky high. There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people hanging emotionally onto the words of those suggesting immediate R.V. results, a story the Dinar Gurus have been making without results for months, even years. Even worse than the false Intel regarding activity in Reno are the regular Post saying Lew and LaGarde are doing this or that to get the R.V. deal done. Not so say our sources, both do as instructed by Obama who is blocking everything. And so there is a constant flow of excuses for delay none of which are real or accurate according to our sources who continue to be ‘dead on’ week after week, month after month. The tail cannot wag the dog. Currency re-sets worldwide, should they ever occur in spite of Obama’s blockages, will involve many peripheral items/programs/funding’s/etc.  Obama repeated himself this week saying he will never allow an R.V. of U.S./Fed currency.


Many times WE have pointed out to you the very public activities and policies being implemented in ‘their’ attempt to retain control of the world by forcing the world to continue using their ‘petro-dollar’ which is backed by the U.S. and NATO Military’s since their ‘full faith and credit’ has ‘gone to hell in a hand basket’. The orchestrated take down of the Metals Markets this week and last is part of this public display of their intentions. Bernanke announced the creation of another 85B monthly (now running 100B monthly) of E-Currency in a desperate bid to save the ‘status quo’. He has been joined by other Central Banks including BOJ in the massive production of more and more ‘funny money’ to save the existing system, not to create or go along with the ‘new’ which includes our funding. Obama is a willing puppet we are advised, assisting with the preservation of the old and the blockage of the new say our sources. Our country will eventually default on its massive unpayable debt. Rather than a outright default which would be in the peoples best interest the Politicians/Fed/Obama have chosen debasement of the currency which will dramatically affect the living standards of We The People and which has instigated a worldwide Currency War which is now well under way. Long term these policies will result in failure but how long that will take is unknown. Till then they get what they most desire, a continuation of the Status Quo.  


After an OPPT Associate posted a commentary saying the ‘Collateral Accounts’ have been pledged to OPPT there ensued an accusatory exchange with Keenan and Associates which eventually resulted in a ‘kiss and make-up’ outcome with Keenan saying OPPT is not after the Collateral Accounts. You may recall this was one of the several questions to OPPT we posted publically on two separate occasions after they declined two request for ‘face time’ meetings with high powered Legal Beagles, the last proposed meeting being on Heathers ‘turf’ in Seattle. ‘Too busy to meet’ she said. WE also asked whether OPPT was working with ‘Whistle Blower’ and/or OITC. Again, no answers. As previously reported OPPT’s filings are being ignored by the PTB as they say OPPT has zero enforcement power. WE also reported previously the remarks of European Sources saying Heather and Whistleblower are both Communist and are in fact ‘chasing the money’ and therefore in competition with Keenan. WE have no dog in this fight, we report, you decide.


While the smashing of Bit-Coin and the Metals Markets appears on the one hand to be a defense of the dollar by the Cabal, the  continuing creation from thin air of Trillions upon Trillions of additional Dollars  by Western Central Banks appears to be an orchestrated debasement of all Fiat currencies. Therefore it is ever more difficult to read the tea leaves and determine what ‘they’ are actually doing. Under these circumstances program participants might be better served by paying attention to the real world currency wars now under way rather than the twice weekly helpings of B.S. originating with Obama’s Agency Boys in D.C.. One thought I have had in recent weeks I have not seen discussed anywhere. This might be especially appropriate for those getting very little recent use out of their ‘rose colored glasses’. What if?   What if the orchestrated creation of massive amounts of thin air E-Currency by Western Central Banks which is being used mostly to mop up toxic  ‘assets’  from the balance sheets of the Too Big To Fail Commercial Banks and transferring all that crap on to the balance sheets of the Central Banks is preparation for the pre-planned bankrupting of the Central Banks themselves? Result? Banks survive with relatively clean balance sheets, toxic debt and derivatives up in smoke in the bankruptcies and the evil fiat Central Banks including the BIS,  go into the dust bins of history???   More likely is the obvious—once on the books of the Fed the crap becomes a debt liability of our country and its taxpayers and their children’s  children.   


There are secret ‘After Hours’ meetings with bankers going on in the White House. It started with Jamie Diamond earlier in the week and now involves several banks. What’s up? WE don’t know----yet. A wild ass  guess might be that “The World” finds a way to force the U.S. to get out of the way of funding and even the R.V.--- so Obama is meeting with his ‘handlers’ to figure out how they can steal the funds from the recipients since he can’t get at them where they are.


Another thing we should all be considering right now is whether ‘they’ are about to blow up the existing financial/banking/monetary structures in order to bring forth their New World Order, its ‘Cashless Society’ and ‘Smart Cards’. Would those cards be ‘The Mark of The Beast’?  I don’t know. Do you?


This morning we heard something about ‘repercussions’ (to the U.S.)-- we think. This fits with previous cryptic Intel referring to other countries being sick and tired of being double crossed by the U.S.. That was a reference to Obama’s habit of making then breaking agreements at the last minute. As you are surely aware by now WE view Obama as evil incarnate, a man hell bent upon destruction of historical America to be replaced by a Communist New World Order with himself as its first publically acknowledged HPIC (Head Puppet In Charge). Of course we hope and pray for a different outcome otherwise this writer will likely become  one of Obama’s OFCO’s   (Original Fema Camp Occupants).


There are reports saying we will receive something this week. Do WE believe these reports? No, we don’t. We receive these stories every week, every week without exception, but we can hope can’t we, that this week will truly be the exception.


The ‘WAR’ for the future of the planet has been ongoing since we started doing updates more than 20 years ago. All signs say the war has heated up recently so perhaps we will soon have the outcome we have waited for. The alternative is just too ugly to contemplate.


Those meeting with Obama in the White House after hours are not our friends.



                                  Casper    4-17-13