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Of course WE are aware of the ongoing never ending multiple sourced weekly reports loaded with good news saying ‘today, tomorrow, the end of this week at the latest’. For several months in a row WE have conveyed to you our Intel saying  ‘it ain’t so’. Other messengers are buying into the steady flow of B.S. put out by Obama’s Agency dis-info teams--- and reporting that dis-info to you’. Now that several additional weeks have passed with no deliveries, no R.V., NO NOTHING,  it’s time for us to again report to you and all who may be interested that our Intel continues to say that all hoped for outcomes continue to be blocked by OBAMA PERSONALLY.


As recently as this morning WE are informed that Obama has told LAGARDE and the IMF that he controls both of them and there will be no flow of funds from any source whatsoever allowed to come to the American people, not the Wanta Funds, not the P.P’s, not the R.V.’s, not anything. He says that not even the Supreme Court can tell him what to do. The evidence of Obama’s corruption and treason is so overwhelming as to fill an 18 wheeler with documented proof, we are told. These sources go on to say Obama is threatening a RACE WAR if anyone attempts to stop his activities. In several previous updates WE have opined that Obama is the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced as his destruction of our nation from within, by spending it into oblivion, is INTENTIONAL. A distribution of funds to the people hardly fits that scenario now does it.


Regarding OPPT, another attempt was made to meet with Trustee Heather this time in her own back yard (Seattle). She said no to the meeting allowing as how she was too busy to meet with well-informed others. Notice please that attempts to use OPPT documents in U.S. and Quebec Courts have been thrown out of court and apparently one person attempting to use their documents in his personal defense case has been sentenced to prison. You may have seen the letter to the Gov’t. of Sweden posted on their web-site. Sweden, WE are informed, has responded in a very negative way saying OPPT has no legal foundation or standing and calling it ‘a fraud’. In my personal opinion it is not a fraud but to expect any other treatment than this in the devils own playpen’s (courts) is foolish. Without some method of ENFORCEMENT this will likely be the outcome regardless of venue. This is simply an extension of Boehner’s orders to Congressmen to ignore all of it as it has no method of enforcement and they will not allow the MSM to report any of it. The corrupt Corporation/Establishment here and abroad is protecting itself, it’s very survival, at all cost, regardless of the consequences to the people. This is reflected in the continued ‘manufacture’ and distribution of massive sums of ‘funny money/thin air money/e-currency’ by the Western Central Banks and their partners in crime, the Corporate Governments. Our publically posted questions (3 plus weeks ago) to OPPT have not been answered and as stated above, meetings have been declined. WE asked whether OPPT is in any way affiliated with OITC and/or ‘Whistleblower’? WE asked whether their UCC filings were delaying deliveries? WE asked whether they are claiming the funds or attempting to control the distribution of same?  The Intel from Europe that caused us to ask those questions has been recently restated by the original sources.  The accusations are that Heather, like Whistleblower- they say- is an extreme left wing radical SOCIALIST formally with ‘Green Peace’ attempting to claim the funds or the right to distribute the funds thru their CVAC’s. In one recording Heather says the Justice Department and Intel Agencies helped her write her documents. In another she says it was a Rothschild.  Justice, like Treasury, Defense and even ‘The Oval Office’, is a Corporation. Is she saying Justice is suicidal? Whatever she is saying ENFORCEMENT will be required (we believe).  WE fully support the attempt to inform the people and to foreclose the Corporations, Banks, etc. and to take back our ‘straw man’. WE do not support still another group claiming funds that do not belong to them. Long ago WE reported to you that Whistleblower and OITC were in bed with OBAMA. It appears to our sources and to us, given her unwillingness to answer difficult questions and her avoidance of meetings with knowledgeable others, that she and they may well have motivations beyond the UCC filings. And finally, regarding OPPT, innocent people with very little legal knowledge, in many places and countries, are enticed to use the OPPT documents to solve their particular legal problem. Their willingness to do so, to take that risk, is no doubt influenced to a great extent by Heathers story of risking and saving her own personal home from foreclosure using OPPT’s UCC filings. Another public question for Heather. Is this ‘story’ true? Some sources say the story is not true, that your home was saved by someone who paid it off for you?  


As to the Dinar R.V. group, they appear to still think the tail is going to wag the dog. The daily dis-info being fed to them is at least the equal of the dis-info being fed to the program participants. WE have asked time and time again, where do these folks think the funds necessary to R.V. are coming from? Iraq has no such funds. China says they are not funding it. Where will the banks get the funds to cash out holders of Dinar?  As to the Heneghan reports saying Jack Lew will assist with the Wanta distribution as soon as he is confirmed, we cannot help but wonder what he is smoking and whether he is willing to share. LEW was Obama’s Chief of Staff, soon to become OBAMA’S Treasury Secretary. Obama has been stopping deliveries our sources say for more than four years and this Intel was strongly reinforced this very morning. AS for our celestial messengers you can observe their ‘accuracy’ or lack thereof for yourself. Those selling beads and bangles and shower heads and participation in ‘spiritual enlightenment’ phone calls are still supporting the man who is stopping our deliveries.  


Prior to the items discussed above WE were aware of ongoing FIGHTS among the dynasty clans in China, fights over money of course. Where ever WE turn we see ‘knife fights’ between various groups claiming the funds. The biggest obstacle continues to be Obama but we are also concerned that OPPT may have taken the place of OITC since they have had all ‘rulings’ go against them.


Every day, even today, other sources and messengers have conflicting Intel. As always WE hope they are right and we are wrong.  


                                        Casper   2-27-13