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You may have noticed that WE very seldom do a Sunday update leaving this day for others and their regularly scheduled ‘stuff’. WE will make an exception today regarding the proliferation of internet news regarding Boehner and Paul becoming ‘interim’ President and Vice President since today and tomorrow are swearing in days for Obama’s second term. Our Intel very seldom agrees with others and today is no exception.


WE expect the Boehner/Paul prophecies to be a complete dud just like the ‘ascension’ (12-21-12) predictions and so many other unfulfilled expectations. WE wish our news agreed with others more positive expectations but it doesn’t. Boehner is a RINO who is basically ‘under the sheets’ with Obama. Of course they all ‘put on a show’ for the uninformed public and will continue to do so.  He has already, since his re-election as House Speaker, gotten rid of all Conservatives who had Committee Chairmanships. In other words he is part and parcel of Obama’s (the Cabal’s) takeover of our country. You may recall our Intel saying foreign visitors to the Pentagon were told three weeks in advance of the election that  Obama would be ‘re-elected’, actually ‘re-appointed’ by electronically controlling the vote in five states. It was our realization then that if the dark cabal could control the outcome of the coming election that our work is basically a waste of time so we stopped writing for a month or so.  Boehner and many others in Congress are aware of the OPPT UCC Filings and are telling their colleagues to ignore them and ordering the MSM not to report them. This is because Boehner, Obama and the rest of them ARE the CORPORATION and the last thing they want or will allow is anything to upset their entirely corrupt personal GRAVY TRAIN. They could not withstand, in our opinion, the exposures which would follow a return to the Constitution and will therefore fight ‘to the death’ to preserve the status quo.


WE reported to you several days ago that Obama (actually ‘the White House’ was the way our Intel was worded) had ordered a reporter not to report his discovery of the OPPT’s UCC filings on the net and to keep his mouth shut. Today WE are reporting to you WITH CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE obtained from impeccable sources that Boehner has ordered that the UCC Filings be ignored and no MSM reporting allowed. It is his position, all the CORPORATIONS employees positions, we are informed, including Obama, that there is no enforcement mechanism behind the UCC Filings and they are to therefore be ignored.


As to the constant flow of ‘good news’ information such as the Boehner/Paul info appearing to be from Patriot’s, WE are informed that virtually all of it is miss-info generated by SCUMBAGS at the CIA as WE have reported several times before.


Along with each of you WE continue to hope and expect that there is a ‘force’ somewhere strong enough to overthrow the Corporate Criminals In D.C. who stole our Republic, suppressed the Constitution, turned each of us into Legal Fictions and created a Security/Bond for each of us representing our life time of labor which they then used to borrow money with which they have turned our country into a welfare state. WE do not believe Obama or those spiritually oriented messengers which continue to sing his praises are on the side of the people. We believe they are CIA all the way. As previously reported I have followed closely their ‘messages’ since before the H.C. in 1987 and can personally testify that of the hundreds of things they have said NOT ONE SINGLE THING has ever come true, at least not one single thing which can be measured in any kind of visible tangible way. Every single ‘prediction/prophecy’ has been a complete dud and they are continuing to support a man who is destroying the Constitution with a variety of illegal, unconstitutional Executive Orders.  In four plus years our reporting saying ‘Obama is the greatest enemy America has ever faced’ has not changed because our sources and his actions have continued to confirm that he is hell bent for leather to destroy historical America not to mention Capitalism as well.


“ENFORCEMENT” must come from somewhere. WE have presumed it would come from our Creditors and other countries, sick and tired of our ‘buy the world’ with thin air money policies, acting in concert. The CORPORATION will do every single thing possible to preserve itself and cover up its ‘crimes against humanity’ and the American people. OPPT and their filings will likely do more than anything previous to educate the people as to what has happened to them and their country but a method of ENFORCEMENT will, WE think, be necessary when dealing with the Criminal Political Class who are little more than pawns and puppets of the Corporations and Banks which are The Cabal.


              Casper   1-20-13