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As you can observe friends, ‘Whistleblower’ is out with still another repeat of his ten year old claim that OITC owns everything as posted on RMN overnight. WE tire of responding to his never ending ‘boilerplate’ B.S. but will continue to do so for the sake of those who are disturbed by his false claims.


First, please realize that casper and Whistleblower have been ‘disagreeing’ (fighting) publically for many many years and the many many casper updates responding to his bogus claims are archived and available at if you are inclined to again review those dozens of public ‘disagreements’. Second, our most recent response to his false claims included specific detailed information from the U.N. General Council and spokesmen/women for the OITC itself regarding Whistleblower personally. If nothing else you might like to review the most recent update on this subject at Fourwinds.


Other OITC ‘people’ state that Whistleblower does not work for them, never has and has no authorization to speak for them and in fact DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THEM. Messages to this effect were sent directly to ‘us’ by said OITC ‘people’. Our last update re this subject also quoted the U.N.’s General Council as saying the OITC does not have any authorization or ‘charter’ or undisclosed relationship with the U.N. as constantly claimed by Whistleblower. New information dated today and coming from within the U.N. itself (not the G.C. office) says there is no such charter number as the one claimed by ‘W.B.’ and further, that all their actions and records are open and available for review, no ‘secret arrangements’ allowed. They say the claim that there are secret arrangements and/or charters is false and that is why neither the OITC or Whistleblower have ever been able to produce a single document no matter the circumstances. In the previous update WE also addressed his claims of ‘control’ of various funds and accounts saying all these claims are completely false, that OITC actually exist only in the minds of the participating ‘elitist’ in Europe who have spent their time most recently attempting to raise funds from ‘the countries’ for projects in Africa, unsuccessfully we might add. The ‘Legal Fiction’ OITC does not control or have access to any of the eleven or so accounts they claim to control much less any control over Program Funds or Wanta Funds as he claims. That’s none, no control or access as in  zilch, zero, nada. Nor have they ‘confiscated’ any funds as he claims, ‘Program Funds’ or otherwise, as they have no such authority. Over time funds have been illegally confiscated and illegally used by the Bank of International Settlements to prop up their banks. WE believe but cannot prove that Whistleblower is ‘in bed with’ the BIS.


The BIS has recently claimed they own everything in the world. Perhaps the OITC would like to discuss their claims of ownership with them. Why do you suppose the Elitist in Europe claim everything coming out of the U.S., such as the OPPT, is illegal, while claiming anything they desire to do is legal? It is because the European Union of failing ‘States’ has no Constitution like the U.S., only their Monarchial view that ‘might makes right’. Do we still have a Constitution? Yes, it still exist, it’s just that we are being governed by Executive Fiat and Emergency Powers, not our Constitution. Democracy, despised by the Founding Fathers but forced upon us by our own Elitist, is in the process of being replaced even now by a Dictatorship. Obama’s Dictatorship, i.e. rule by Executive Fiat as in Europe.


Whistleblower has claimed the OITC was formed by 195 Nations of the World if I remember correctly. Then why do you suppose ALL of those contacted deny their existence?      


Our Intel from multiple sources in Europe, Asia and the U.S. and including multiple sources at the U.N. all say Whistleblowers claims are completely bogus which explains why he has always claimed that he/they cannot produce a single document as no one has proper ‘clearance’. Not only do all the Agencies, Banks, Institutions and high level people contacted deny Whistleblowers claims, even the OITC ‘people’ themselves say he does not work for them and is not authorized to speak for them. As to his on-going purported ‘control’ of our Program Funds, WE have received assurances this is not true and that  OITC controls not one single account nor can they access one single dime.


AS for the ignorant ‘cheap shot’ throwers of rotten tomatoes on RMN WE have no time for such idiots. As another well-known messenger recently said, “there is no fix for stupid”.


            Casper   1-16-13