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Neither WE or ‘we the people’ have received answers to the questions publically posed to Heather at OPPT. WE understand others with questions publically posted have not received answers either.


WE heard earlier that their ‘filings’ were delaying deliveries, that’s why we posted the questions publically on Fourwinds and Rumor Mill News a week or so ago with a copy to their web-site. WE continue to hear the same thing even today and we are frankly concerned about it on our collective behalf. Our concerns are multiplied by the lack of answers to simple and legitimate questions such as whether they are co-operating with OITC and their claim of ownership of all funds and whether or not their filings are delaying deliveries as sources in Europe state.  


WE do not agree with Drake and others who have been bad-mouthing the OPPT publicly and calling their efforts ‘crap’, in fact just the opposite. One need not be an attorney or a rocket scientist to see that the quantity, quality and nature of their filings are very special and a ‘first’ as far as WE know, not to mention the personal risk they have willingly taken. We hear OBAMA ordered a reporter who discovered the documents on the net to keep his mouth shut and not to report them. We hear of similar ‘establishment’ upsets in Europe. New documents are appearing almost daily and WE strongly recommend you read them and keep your curiosity current. Some of our contacts in Europe have possession of still more OTTP documents not yet made public. Be sure to look carefully at yesterday’s release of documents filed in and/or from Switzerland. As the documents ‘keep on coming’ and show their efforts (OPPT) were well underway as far back as 2008, WE wonder whether the current postings represent battles fought and already won as opposed to future battles just getting under way as a result of the filings.


WE are not impatient with OPPT lack of response to our questions, not yet, and we recommend you not be impatient either. Seeing the quantity, quality and nature of their efforts it would be easy to understand that we may be on page three or four of their ‘to do’ list. That said we must each be alert to the possibility that their filings ARE delaying our deliveries. If true is it intentional or an accident? Are they attempting like Whistleblower and OITC to claim control and/or ownership of our funds? This is a rather straight forward question don’t you think? Prosperity Program Participants are due a truthful answer ASAP don’t you think?


                          Casper   1-15-13