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There are many subjects worthy of attention right now and several recent weeks of events which WE could discuss but one current event takes precedence in our opinion so we will limit this update to this one very important subject.


New ‘players’ have appeared on the scene since last we wrote. I refer to The One Peoples Public Trust (TOPPT) folks, related announcements, audio interviews available at Rumor Mill News and subsequent ‘public’ conversation discussing the relevance from Prosperity Program Participants point of view. On the surface of it what their Trustee ‘Heather’ and other Trustees Randall and Caleb appear to have done and/or are attempting to do would certainly appear at first glance to be in the best interest of all Americans who wish to see an end to the ‘Corporation’, the Federal Reserve, the corrupt Cabal of Bankers and Politicians and an end to their use of the Legal Fictions known as our ‘Straw Man/Woman’ as the Capital Basis of the Corporation. And a return to Constitutional Law immediately and bad guys arrested and/or sent to the Hague and we are FREE and we all live happily ever after. What’s not to like? Would this not seem to be, if accurate and true, worthy of new history books praising those who have accomplished these things on behalf of all of us?


WE don’t profess to know what is accurate and true and what is not.


WE do have questions and observations and a report to make to those of you who have counted on us to bring you the current news and the best truth available as best we can identify it, all within our twenty year old caveat which says “WE don’t know everything”. And since WE don’t know everything but agree with those who are saying publically that we (we the people) have a right to know what is actually going on, then, on behalf of the several tens of thousands who follow our updates and the several hundred thousand who have an equity interest in the truth, THE WHOLE TRUTH, we address the following questions to TOPPT on our collective behalf.


Heather, if I may address you this way, are you using your real name? I ask because there is a rumor overseas that you are Chinese.


Have you and your allies been obstructing the funding/delivery of the Prosperity Programs for the last two years with the continuous filing of various claims and/or documents? Are you continuing to obstruct PP Deliveries with recent filings?


Are you co-operating with or in any way involved with the OITC?  With ‘Whistleblower’?


Are you and your allies attempting to control and/or direct the ‘Collateral Accounts’?


You and one of those interviewing you (‘D’/Removing The Shackles) say the Fed is down, was taken over or whatever, October 24, 2012. There is no public sign of this. Sources at UST say no, Bernanke is still scheduled to testify before Congress next month (regular schedule),  Regional Fed Bank Presidents are continuing to make speeches as recently as this weekend just ended, the St Louis Region President (Bullard) spoke openly this weekend about continuing to print money, the Fed is using thin air e-currency to buy 85 Billion of U.S. Sovereign and Agency Bonds each month, associated Central Banks (ECB, Bk England, Bk Japan) are continuing massive printing and distribution as announced publically by the various governments, in short the funny money funding of the hopelessly corrupt Status Quo continues without interruption with no visible sign that the Fed or the Corporation have any intention of changing their stripes. What are we missing/not seeing?


Why are your various documents virtually impossible to access, impossible to download/print or to forward and in many instances virtually unreadable? Do you intend to offer them in a more accessible way?


Our sources at the Hague say there have been no arrest, no one has been delivered there (you said 77 I think, or was it ‘D’ who said that)? Our Court Sources say they do not have the authority to arrest anyone in the U.S.. Why are they contradicting your reporting?


Over two decades WE have developed many sources in Law Enforcement, Marshalls Service, Military, Agencies, etc. all of which say they know of no unusual arrest going on now or in recent months. These arrest reports began 90 or so days ago and during that time WE have not been able to confirm any arrest other than those considered ‘normal’ as reported in the MSM. Why do you suppose none can confirm these 3 months of arrest reports?


We hear, again from overseas, that a scheduled meeting with attorneys investigating your claims and documents, scheduled later this week, has been cancelled by you or your attorneys. Why? You have made a very big deal of ‘transparency’ and expressed several times your willingness to answer questions. Have you changed your mind?


You said you have met WONG. Are you in any way involved with Wong and his recent delaying tactics?


I do hope you will see fit to answer these questions publically Heather. You have everyone’s attention here and ‘over there’. Many thousands of people have many many years and untold difficulties invested. If you and yours are ‘Wheeling and Dealing’ as interviewer ‘D’ asked, the people have a right to know don’t you think? If you have, over time, filed documents and continue to file documents which have the net effect of delaying deliveries, the people have a right to know don’t you think? If you are attempting to insert yourself into the twenty plus year old affairs of others regarding their funding and delivery the people have a right to know don’t you think?


WE (which means myself and those associated with me) much prefer to believe your description of your activities as delivered by you verbally (since we are unable to access the posted documents even after disabling security and fire walls, not even with adobe).  But WE can’t help but wonder why it has been made so difficult to access and assess your documents?  What a tremendous accomplishment it will be if in fact you have led ‘we the people’ in a successful assault upon the corrupt establishment resulting in the demise of the Corporation and our ‘Straw Man’.  A new group of ‘Founding Fathers’ and new history books.


Will you please address specifically Heather the rumors, stories and/or accusations that TOOPT is involved in delaying deliveries to Program Participants.


Thank you very much.