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WE were sorry to learn of Whistleblower’s recent illness, happy to hear he is on the mend and since he is obviously able to handle his sword quite well we will therefore proceed with todays episode of the OITC/Whistleblower Follies.

These ‘Follies’ are not funny friends. Crayford and his allies are laying claim to all programs, program funds and funds earned from the programs. Not only our programs but basically all funds everywhere such as the Wanta Funds just as he was doing a couple of years ago. Although he didn’t mention it specifically this likely includes the Marshall Plan Funds, the St. Germaine and World Trust Funds and your children’s lunch money.

His allies are Obama, the OITC (he thought) and the Families which own the Fed. Their claims are not new.

How many times have we reported to you that Obama claims he owns all funds and will never allow ‘the people’ to receive anything? How many times?

Crayford is saying the same things and while he claims he works for the OITC he also represents or is ‘in bed with’ the owners of the FED according to multiple sources in Europe. Obama is the latest White House Pawn of these Illuminati Families who say they ‘own it all’.

Crayford is an Attorney. His client was the OITC. The OITC has a ‘Point Of View’. It was Crayfords job, indeed his responsibility, to represent his clients ‘point of view’ in all circumstances in all forums at all times against all comers and he did a fine job of it don’t you agree?

There are other ‘points of view’, several others.

For example, the Chinese Families who bailed the U.S. out of various situations and now claim, sometimes through Keenan, sometimes not, that they own all or most of the funds.

These fights between the ‘major players’ have been ongoing and are unresolved our sources say.

There are other ‘claimants’.

‘We The People’ collectively, are a claimant to the extent that others such as Crayford and OITC are attempting to steal not only the funds invested by the people but also the earnings from the use of those funds. In his most recent missive Crayford appears to have reduced his claims from ‘all those trading programs’ as previously stated, down to the three programs mentioned in his post today. Of course we know what the other two programs are in addition to the Freedom Program already made public. Suffice it to say that they encompass virtually all program participants therefore what is going on here is not the least bit funny and affects virtually every one of us.

Over the years the OITC has built quite a reputation for itself. It is up to you to do your own homework. WE have not participated, before now, in  the very public condemnations of the OITC except to respond publically to every known instance of their claiming the programs are not real or that they have a claim on the program funds.

WE have never allowed such a claim to pass without responding. In addition to various other ‘Points Of View’ from people and entities other than OITC and Crayford there are also various other accumulations of funds which Crayford and OITC have nothing to do with. These Funds and Fights Over These Funds occur at levels far above our pay grade and Crayford’s too, we are advised.

In his posting today Crayford talks at some length about the U.S. miss-use  of ‘other people’s money’ which most everyone knows about by now. That’s why WE often used the phrase  ‘the Criminals in D.C. pretending to be the Government’. These are not the only wolves in sheep’s clothing out there however. In our opinion every person or entity attempting to find a convoluted excuse for their sticky fingered approach to other people’s money falls into the same category as the cesspool full of Criminals in Washington D.C..

Perhaps you are aware that there has been an enormous amount of controversy surrounding the OITC (not involving the casper group) on the net and on our favorite web sites. The matter at hand is of a sufficiently serious nature in our opinion that you should reacquaint yourselves with those articles and disclosures and opinions appearing in large volume over time.

Crayford says in his latest post that WE admitted that he/they control ‘the funds’. Apparently he failed to read our last paragraph in which WE clearly state that our sources say neither he or OITC control anything.

Crayford discusses The Freedom Program and ties it to ‘The Freedom Treaty’ of 1945. That is similar to the multitudes who still verbally attach this program to Kissinger’s ‘Freedom Corporation’ which was incorporated in France and also has nothing to do with ‘the freedom program’ which we write about.

Freedom participants have valid contracts which were deemed completely legal by authorities in France as recently as last week. WE know the ‘Trader’ involved and the Bank involved yet here comes Crayford once again screaming Mine, Mine, Mine.

Crayford claims the OITC/Collateral Accounts were used as collateral for the other two much larger programs which he and we are avoiding naming in public or in these ‘paper airplanes’ we are throwing at each other. WE DO NOT AGREE. We say he and OITC are simply trying to claim all funds by arguing THEIR POLITICAL POINT OF VIEW. But let’s do understand this friends. WE have no personal knowledge of the shuffling of funds at the top levels and can only report that which we obtain from sources in Europe and China who say that Crayford is a ‘windbag for the families that own the Fed’. He has a ‘Point of View’ and is stating it loud and often. The drama, suspense, mystery, confusion, arguments, and deaths surrounding the OITC and its multitudes of disagreements with others has really been none of our business, at least before now. Now WE are getting involved and will stay peripherally involved until OITC matters are settled publically. Investigations are underway from over there and we expect to learn more in due course. Others will decide when, whether and how to undertake those legal issues discussed in this morning’s update. Until then, in order to maintain your sanity, we recommend you visualize this whole situation as several ravenous dogs and one bone.

While typing this I have just received a call giving me the okay to unsheathe my own sword. No more Mr. nice guy Mr. Whistleblower.

WE have received further confirmations from OITC members that Crayford has been fired and no longer represents OITC. Repeat, the Intel contained in this paragraph comes from within the OITC and from more than one member of the OITC.

There are seven confirmed OITC accounts Crayford claimed to control, ten we have reason to believe. His codes don’t work. He and whoever else have been trying for six weeks to access 100 million dollars from the accounts without success because their codes don’t work.

Sources say he has been using a basket of Forged Documents and that all his claims are completely bogus. They say he has been removed from OITC totally and completely. Also that OITC has no access to any account anywhere. All accounts are blocked. That neither can his big shot ‘International Treasury Controller’ access any account anywhere.  He has been trying for six months to access accounts without success. Also stated, but as yet UNCONFIRMED, that the World Court has ruled against the OITC in all matters before it. Also that Crayford “Is Totally and Completely FULL OF SHIT” (exact quote).

Repeat, this is all coming from more than one internal OITC source. You have all seen Crayford write extensively about OITC ownership of the Wanta Funds. Perhaps Reagans greatest achievement was to ‘take down’ the USSR with the help of Wanta.

Why do you suppose Crayford was and is so opposed to that and now claims all funds involved in that victory of Freedom over Communism, the best thing that ever happened for the western world, now belong to him and the OITC?  Sources say it is for the same reason Obama and the Families who own the Fed-and Whistleblower- act as they do, they all want A NEW WORLD ORDER COMMUNIST WORLD GOVERNMENT with themselves in power and all funds everywhere under their control .

Crayford and the OITC have also claimed that funds to fund the IRAQ war came from the Collateral Accounts. No, the funds came from American taxpayers. More lies. More false claims for every identifiable dollar. He claimed Reagan, Thatcher, the Federal Reserve, etc. have all accessed and done dirty deeds with HIS collateral Accounts. Why would the Fed which is owned by the Families he is in bed with try to raid their own Collateral Accounts? Could it be that the Fed needs the funds to fix the Gold covered Tungsten Bar problem at the New York Fed?

THE WORLD is so upset with Whistleblowers morning diatribe that we are receiving calls about it even from China. They are calling to say that he is even trying to claim funds over there and repeated todays very common refrain,  “Crayford is full of Shit”.  

The FED is a privately owned banking institution which has screwed the whole world blind with its thin air e-currency. Its owners are well known. Crayford is their puppet.

                      Casper     9-29-12   opinion plus news