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By now you are aware that the Obama administration had 48 hours advance warning that the Egyptian Embassy would be attacked on 9-11. The Marines guarding the Embassy were not allowed to have ammunition.

How can anyone not conclude that Obama and Hillary are the most incompetent POLITICIANS on the planet and that by extension, through neglect, are responsible for the deaths at the Libyan Embassy the same day. He was too busy ‘campaigning’ to consider ‘9-11’ in the Mideast and way too busy to attend his intelligence briefings seventy percent of which he did not bother to attend.


PUBLIC UNION TEACHERS in Chicago average $76,000.00/year in spite of the fact that school children can barely read. Asked to spell the word ‘forty’ on a test one student spelled it correctly but was then ‘failed’ because the teacher insisted the correct spelling is ‘fourty’. These teachers have now turned down a 16% raise and are out on ‘strike’ instead, leaving the students with no school at all. These Public Sector Unions are a major part of Obama’s support base. It is virtually impossible to fire one of them. This is the Democrats definition of democracy at work. There should never be, under any circumstances, Public Sector Unions. This is simply one more way in which the Communist calling themselves Democrats attempt to guarantee their permanent reelection.


In our last update on the ninth we informed you of the ECB’s statement that they would now purchase UNLIMITED amounts of bonds thereby propping up the status quo in Europe, the opposite of what we want. WE also reported that up to 15 Trillion was being arranged by the Fed with the first tranches of several trillion moving through Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan which will receive a 3% ‘fee’ for pushing computer buttons. These funds will flow through the ECB to the big Banks in Europe and be added to the bill of the U.S. Taxpayers children and grandchildren. Yesterday, as we advised would happen in our update on the ninth, Bernanke announced UNLIMITED and OPEN ENDED printing of ‘thin air e-currency’ in a continuation of the ‘Twist’ program and implementation of QE III to the tune of 85 Billion monthly with no end date. Welcome to serious inflation, Weimar like inflation say many economist. The poor will be desperately hurt with additional fuel and food price increases of top of the twenty to twenty five percent already realized. Unfortunately ‘the poor’ do not have enough sense to realize what Obama and Bernanke have INTENTIONALLY DECIDED TO DO TO THEM and to everyone else as well. This ‘flooding’ of the U.S. and Europe with vast quantities of ‘funny money’ reflects the decision by Obama, Bernanke and their Controllers to continue to extend the ‘Status Quo’ indefinitely and to hell with the consequences to the people. They suffer no such consequences of course, they will continue their life of luxury at taxpayer expense. Michelle will not lose one of her 22 assistants, they will still take another seventeen (17) ELABORATE vacations at taxpayer expense and their secret bank accounts will continue to explode in value. Add to this the variety of ObamaCare taxes scheduled to begin January 1st and one must be, IMO, Willingly Ignorant not to see what he/they are INTENTIONALLY doing.


NOW HEAR THIS: On dozens of occasions we have reported to you our Intel from around the world saying that Obama is blocking everything and that he often says that he will never allow our deliveries or the ‘New’ to occur. This would equate to a loss of power if not prison for himself and many others.


Today’s Intel, especially from Europe, continues to say that he is personally blocking everything and that he will never allow the deliveries to occur or anything else that would interfere with his reelection. In addition to his highly visible shredding of the Constitution and the highly visible conversion of our country to a Police State, anyone willing to observe the obvious can easily see the deliberate and massive effort to extend the Status Quo worldwide indefinitely. And who is it that supports this man no matter how egregious or anti American his decisions and actions? How can ‘they’ not know what others know, that being that Obama is wholly corrupt and a pawn of the Cabal just like Bernanke? And assuming ‘they’ do know, how can they continue to support him?  I once speculated, given the observable fact that ‘they’ have never ever been correct about anything in any visible or tangible way, that their messages may very well be written at Langley or Quantico.

It now appears they may be written, IMO, in the West Wing of the White House.


This massive production of ‘Funny Money’ worldwide in a coordinated effort by the Central Banks indicates a continuation of the Status Quo indefinitely which would very likely mean no deliveries, no R.V’s and further delay of all we have been expecting. Is there some way in which the ‘New’ could be hastened in spite of this effort by Obama, Bernanke and the Cabal to extend the Status Quo? Yes there is. One example would be an explosion of precious metals values to the upside thereby trapping and possibly collapsing those financial institutions assigned by the Cabal the responsibility for keeping those values suppressed. This could happen quickly and without warning. Another possibility is the collapse of the derivatives sector dependent upon those suppressed metals values. Another possibility is that the world at large ceases to use the FRN in oil trading switching to the Yuan as China has announced that their ‘Systems’ are now fully operational. This would hasten the collapse of the dollar forcing the appearance of the ‘New’.  Or, perhaps, the ‘Celestials’ will take the Bull-Chitter by the horns and do something other than talk.


Regarding Hennegan and other reports that LaGarde  and the IMF are trying to facilitate the payout of the Wanta Funds and/or the Global Settlements, our Intel does not agree saying that she has attempted to break into the accounts once again to obtain the funds to save the Euro Banks. As we have reported before she and the IMF are controlled by Obama and the U.S..


As you can observe, the twice weekly ‘Dinar R.V. today’ messages continue to be completely bogus. The yearlong attempt to R.V. was fiat and led by Bush and his allies. The Banks have been advised, we hear, that their ‘under the table’ dealings using other peoples Dinar as collateral for weekend trades will not be allowed to stand and that as a result of what they tried to do no funds will flow to Dinar Investors through those Banks and payments, should the R.V. ever actually occur, will be direct to the Dinar holders.. “But we have contracts with these people” cry the Banks,(we hear). ‘Too bad for you, you did it to yourselves’ they have been told, (we hear). Iraq has Foreign Reserves of about 65 B and cannot fund an R.V. of the Dinar. So from where are the necessary funds to come? ‘Not from us’ say our sources in China.


The ‘takeaway’ from todays update is that all our sources continue to say that Obama is personally blocking everything and that their Intel to this effect has never been stronger.


                           Casper   9-14-12   opinion



p.s. As an interesting aside there are suddenly many messages from ‘Spiritual Sources’ on the internet proclaiming that 3DD is imminent, a reference to three days of darkness as discussed in the Bible. Soooo, keep your flashlights handy.  



CASPER Opinion pieces continue though I'm not posting them

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]

Date: Friday, 14-Sep-2012 16:25:08

Hi, Folks -

Casper's opinion pieces continue but I find I can't bring myself to post them. :) Right, wrong, or indifferent, they just have the effect of sucking the energy right outta me, and I choose not to be party to inflicting that upon our cherished Readers.

Casper's "Opinion" for Sept 9 can be read here:

Casper's sent another one today, not yet posted at fourwinds at the time of this posting but it'll show up there sometime soon, I'd expect.