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WE very seldom report or even mention various trips we make on our collective behalf to China, D.C., Switzerland, Reno, etc.. The reason is because we don’t wish to leave the impression that we know more than we do. Some trips are a complete waste of time and money. Others produce only bits and pieces of what we went for and certainly nothing worth reporting. Not only do we not know everything but as often as not we cannot completely verify what we think we know. Most of our endeavors are undertaken to prove or confirm positive Intel originating with other messengers and/or sources. Unfortunately this is not working out very well as most often all we manage to do is to poo poo others Intel. This leads us to conclude all over again that all WE can do is to investigate and report with the understanding that we are amateur’s trying cut through the dis-info fog distributed by professionals. That those sorry bastards work for the Cabal and deserve to be hung is a different story for another day.


The continuing hoorah involving Reno and Madame WU has caused us to retrace our steps and we can again report with confidence that there is nothing to the stories and e-mails still coming out every day or so.


WE reported the demise of the true WU three plus years ago and have reconfirmed this with three sources in China very recently then again this past week in view of the ongoing claims involving her. Even while she was living most of her ‘work’ was attended to by her primary assistant. Our most recent confirmations of her passing are from those who were very close to her. As for W.F. in Reno you might say we are now ‘on a first name basis’ with their Banks and Wealth Management people all of whom totally deny these reports from other messengers which have been repeated for the last six weeks. Moreover, if Madame WU were still alive it must be recalled that she has been (was) a very high level member of the Communist Chinese Government for decades serving at one point as their Finance Minister. The Chi-Com’s and Obama are in bed together and are conspiring against the American people. Many of our reports have revolved around the transfer of our most top secret weaponry to China. Many reports of Hillary’s offers of eminent domain over Public Lands and National Forrest followed by offers of E.D. over all Federal Buildings. Most of this Intel originated in the American Embassy in Beijing. These Patriots had no reason to lie about such things. Communist China is just as broke as the U.S. and Europe with each conspiring to keep the Fiat Ponzi Fraud operating. That’s why several of our reports mentioned that our Intel says that ALL attempts to R.V. the Dinar as a ‘stand-alone’ proposition is ‘the establishment’, led by Bush, Obama, the Fed/Treasury, IMF, China, etc. etc. etc. being an attempt to recapitalize the Fraudulent Fiat Ponzi. WE also said be careful what you wish for because if ‘they’ were able to pull this off the Satanist/Cabal/Illuminati, etc. would again be ‘flush’ and ‘the people’ would never see the FIP or the P.P.’s, or the return to the Constitution. If there was, ever, at anytime, anywhere, any truth at all to the WU/Dinar reports we strongly suspicion it was in the context of the extension of the status quo. What’s more there is no guarantee that should the Dinar be included in the R.V. of a ‘basket’ of currencies that this is necessarily part of ‘the new’ as it could be an extension and expansion of the Fiat Recap endeavor by ‘the bad guys’ which would include the Chi-Coms and WU should she still be alive. As for Lagarde helping WU to R.V., the IMF is controlled by the U.S. (Obama) which controls enough voting power to stop the IMF from obtaining the 85% of votes necessary to do anything important. She is a friend of Obama, the G-5, and the E.U.  not the American people. Furthermore, also as previously reported several times, several of ‘The Families’ ( Mountain Tribes) are also in bed with Obama so those depending on certain of these ‘sources’ in China for their news must eventually learn that they are in fact the enemies of ‘The New’ and the funding of the American people and are part of the Cabals dis-info team. Our investigations of this subject are continuing on both sides of the pond. Our own current Intel remains vague but generally speaking more positive than in recent weeks, “things are again moving forward more briskly than before”.


By the way, the e-mail making the rounds now (received from the Philippines) and repeating the WU/Dinar R.V. storyline and saying 29 Bankers coming in from China to a Monterrey Military Base for transport to Reno is easily demonstrated to be false even beyond those items discussed above. The ‘base’ in Monterrey is a Naval Base and cannot accommodate an International Jet. The traffic between there and Sacramento is terrible. Why would you/WU or anyone else land there and then transport 29 Chinese Bankers 300 miles to Reno when Reno has a perfectly fine airport? It seems that no one ever checks anything. 


Things said here such as ‘China is broke’ while having some 3.2T in ‘Foreign Reserves’ is no doubt confusing to most of you. The detailed explanations of this and many other things we say are fully documented in a variety of free internet financial newsletters. This is not the place for such complex financial explanations but we think it important you understand that when we say such things as ‘the people in Northern China are starving’ we are not pulling such statements out of the air. Knowledge is dependent upon the intake of information. There is a tsunami of information to be dealt with every day.  


Have you noticed Obama’s refusal to take questions from the White House Press Reporters? Not since June 8th. When he gets three feet from his teleprompters he immediately pulls a Joe Biden (open mouth, insert foot). Can you imagine that Biden is and has been only a heartbeat away from the Presidency?  Talk about ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’. Remember, Biden took a 200M bribe delivered by Hillary as messenger girl for Bush in the Falcone matter. Obama’s attack on the Constitution is relentless. ‘Judicial Watch’ and other groups are filing lawsuits against Obama, Holder and DHS in an attempt to stop Obama’s dictatorial takeover of our country. Remember, Democracy is ALWAYS followed by dictatorship. If you are unable to observe Obama’s dictatorial takeover you should put yourself into a commercial washing machine and turn it on to see if that will wake you up. The saddest thing of all, in my opinion, is that 40 to 50% of the American people do not give a damn what he does to the country or the Constitution so long as he keeps the Government checks coming. Gimme Gimme Gimme had been their mantra for years. Today it has changed to ‘don’t disturb me, I am busy sucking on my Government Teat’. These ‘liberals’ care not one whit that the funds given them by Obama have been taken by force (IRS) from the neighbor next door with two small children. They really do not give a damn. He now has one third of the American people receiving Government checks. Taxpayers who work for a living are unable to carry this burden any further so Obama is now borrowing the money to buy/give to his constituents and the taxpayers/producers become liable for the debt. Obama’s constituents, you understand, pay no taxes. None whatsoever. AND, if you happen to have worked to get him and his Communist Criminal Gang elected then you get yours in $500,000,000.00 increments rather than monthly checks.   


By the way, I forgot to mention above, our sources say the attempt to R.V. the Dinar to recap their fraudulent financial playpen will not be allowed to happen.


Our Intel says Iraq ‘going back into the toilet’ again.


Important probably, Soros dumping stocks and buying gold.


Holder says NO to prosecuting Goldman Sachs. NO to prosecuting Corzine or MF Global. NO to prosecuting those involved in Fast and Furious. NO to prosecuting the Black Panthers carrying night sticks at polling places. NO to prosecuting any Bank or Financial Institution. Obama’s ‘Justice’ Department is a big and important part of the MAFIA controlling the U.S. Corporate Government. He and Napolitano at DHS are perhaps the biggest criminals in D.C. after Rahm Emanuel was sent packing to Chicago by Michelle after he referred to her kids as those little ________.


After shutting down drilling in the Gulf in order to force the drilling rigs to go to Brazil to benefit Soros and then defying a court order in order to extend the shutdown, AND after closing off the building of the XL Pipeline from Canada causing Canada to say they will sell their oil to China, Obama now proposes raiding the Strategic  Petroleum Reserve to keep the cars rolling, AND, if these actions are not queer enough to get your attention he is simultaneously increasing oil imports from his Saudi Friends (kiss their ring) by 20% for the rest of this year and probably extended next year after the election. So, cut off domestic production and Canada imports on the one hand while raiding the Strategic Reserve and increasing Saudi imports on the other. On every front the pace of Obama’s intentional destruction of our country is quickening. What he has already done to the Constitution with his fraudulent E.O.’s is sedition if not treason. At times he is moving in such bold and obvious ways it appears he expects not to be re-elected and is therefore ‘hell bent for leather’ right now. I recently read about 16 new taxes to be implemented in the first year or two after the November election, many on the ‘middle class’. His overall game plan is obvious, tax and regulate producers to death while simultaneously putting every person who can fog a mirror into various welfare programs. Bankrupt the nation by spending it into oblivion just as he and his communist advisors wrote that they would do prior to the ’08 election. The greatest country the world has ever known reduced to borrowing forty cents of every dollar it spends. Debt heaped upon debt until future generations face serfdom forever. Liberal Communist Elites in charge and CONTROL of everything while the bribed and blackmailed RINO’s pretend to be the ‘opposition’. Departments and Agencies of the Cabal owned Corporate Government acquiring hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition and for what purpose? The U.S. Politicians and China Politicians in a covert ‘Grand Bargain’ to devalue the dollar and wipe out the American middle class while Obama’s ‘CONTROLLER’ (Soros) calls publically for ‘the emergence of The New World Order.


Speaking of debt and the insolvency of the Banks And Governments there is a very important video from Glen  Beck making the rounds today. He is discussing a well-known and highly respected economist who is saying that the crash is imminent and discusses the seriousness of the situation. Required listening if you don’t want to get caught with your pants down.


Nothing is settled in Europe. Even little old Greece is being ‘revisited’ this week.  The question remains, ‘can they continue to use the printing press (e-currency) to keep the Ponzi charade going’? Will they, rather than accept the new? And if they do, how long do we have before hyperinflation, street riots and starvation? As these things unfold before your eyes remember that it is the Cabal and our Political Leaders refusing to give up their fiat system of world domination which causes these outcomes. The failure of their fraudulent fiat financial playpen is inevitable. Only the timing is in doubt.


The 70T in ‘assets’ upon which the 700T+++ in derivatives are constructed are wobbly to say the least. The bank accounting tricks and frauds are out of control and stretched to the limit so they are now resorting to the outright theft of customer funds. Get your funds out of all aspects of the electronic systems. We will wake up one morning to the news that the Banks are closed, credit cards and ATM’s don’t work (in my opinion).


You remember the 1.7 B of customer funds missing from MF Global? We are informed that 87M found its way into Clintons Bank Account. As Ann Barnhardt reported this past week the Corporations Courts have now ruled that the Banks have first call on clients funds in the event of trouble, even before the clients themselves. Do you understand?  The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled that the theft of customer account balances by MF Global and others is okeydokey, no problem, the Banks can’t be prosecuted for these OUTRIGHT THEFTS OF CUSTOMER FUNDS. This ruling can be applied to your 401K’s, everything. Nothing is safe anymore, absolutely nothing. They can steal everything now, legally, and Holder has just announced that ‘Justice’ will not prosecute. A free pass for Corzine and MF Global. A month ago Corzine held a very major fundraiser for Obama on Martha’s Vineyard. The corruption is beyond your wildest imaginings. The Courts are Incorporated including the Supreme Court. They are ‘Profit Centers’ for the Cabal.


The Baltic Dry Index is rolling over again. WE read of ‘ships at sea’ throwing their cargo overboard, all kinds of cargo, rather than deliver to the U.S.. What with the far reaching BLACKOUTS by the CRIMINAL MAINSTREET MEDIA we have not yet learned the why of this. The media belongs in Prison with the Bankers.


WE hear there was a very important 10 minute segment on Fox Business News interviewing Jim Sinclair last Wed. or Thursday if someone could please locate and post. Very impt.


There was a three hour meeting Thursday we hear, Obama, Biden and Clinton. She said no.


The usual telephone mantra of ‘deliveries today, tomorrow for sure’ has continued every day since our last update with the usual result. The ‘storylines’ are oh so good but unfortunately the source is the dis-info team in D.C. even when someone’s Intel comes from China.


In China Chinese Banks have been given clearance to start selling the dollar, even to short the dollar. Further evidence of the Obama/China conspiracy to destroy the American middle class. Oh how I wish every American could see and understand what is happening to them. We are in an immense debt bubble which will burst causing immense pain. Obama’s answer? Go faster. Add to the debt, faster, faster.


VIX-now at lowest level in five years.


U.S. Marshalls involved with delivery? Not according to our Regional Level Marshall’s sources.


A note to Keenan. Some of the ‘evidence’ you seek is at UBS, Switzerland, not Indonesia. By the time we got there to pick up a copy arranged by telephone someone in the U.S. Gov’t had gotten to them. WE left empty handed as reported two or three years ago. Keenan is Irish says Fulford? Me too, mostly. In fact I am contemplating a trip to ‘the old home place’ in September, a castle built in the 1200’s and bearing our family name. I intend to conduct a thorough search for by packy. Someone should post the old packy song. Probably 90% of you do not know what I am talking about.


China is minting 1 kg gold bars for consumers? At 2.2 lbs. each that’s not exactly ‘coinage’.


Has anyone heard how ‘Project One’ is coming along? I have wondered how the swimmers, surfers, fishermen and little turtles are going to get over those sea walls embedded into the ocean floor.


No ‘Bailout Funds’ flowing, only promises. Our funds not accessible, valve not open but Banks constantly playing with computer digits.


Well, we gotta stop somewhere. How about here?



               Casper     8-19-12    opinion