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As usual our Intel bears little or no resemblance to that of other messengers.


WE hear there is nothing to the Intel saying Geithner and Bernanke have been arrested.


WE hear Obama sent Geithner to Europe, to deal with the crisis there and that he (Obama) and Bernanke  have ordered QE III to begin Sunday night which represents a continuation of the Status Quo and the Fraudulent Financial Playpen, and further, that Obama has ordered, as previously reported, that the Banks are to be completely shielded from losses, including their (minimum) 600 plus Trillions in their derivatives books, by the guarantees of the American taxpayers as secretly authorized by the Dodd Frank legislation and now ordered by Obama personally.


WE hear that all the false Intel originates from the dis-info team in D.C..


WE hear QE III will be followed by QE IV and QE to infinity as reported by Jim Sinclair when he said, just yesterday, that ‘QE to infinity is now more certain than death and taxes’.


WE hear these new Billions of dollars, even hundreds of Billions of ‘thin air’ dollars are going to Europe and being guaranteed by American Taxpayers and will flow through the ‘Big Five’ domestic banks led by Goldman Sachs and JPM/Chase. Notice please that this represents, if our Intel is accurate, a continuation of the worldwide Ponzi which is the opposite of our receiving deliveries and funding’s associated with the new.

The orders to preserve the Status Quo at all cost originate with Obama our sources say. ‘Make certain the banks lose nothing’ is part of the order we hear.

This, if accurate, removes any remaining doubt that their ‘plan’ is to contain the world’s fiat financial crisis as best they can in order to get through the election season and confirms, as WE have reported many times, that Obama says he will allow nothing to interfere with his re-election.

This also guarantees the Weimar hyper-inflationary blow off scenario which cannot be reversed after the world is awash in all this new thin air ‘funny money’ (the Feds actions will be matched simultaneously by all other Western Central Banks).


WE cannot ‘guarantee’ the accuracy of our Intel any more than anyone else can but we can tell you our sources have been correct and in direct contradiction with the others you hear from, week after week, with a new ‘story’ every two or three days.


This Intel also flies in the face of those who report ‘agreements being signed’ with the Fiat Cabal.

It will not be difficult to determine which Intel is correct.

If the Fiat/Debt based world continues next week with QE III and American Taxpayer guarantees for the continued bailout of Europe then circumstances will speak for themselves and will identify Obama, once and for all, as the leader of the Cabal placing generations of Americans in serious jeopardy, in order to preserve himself in power, and continue the Funny Money Monetary System necessary, to his and the ‘Corporations’ survival.

Notice please that this Intel, if accurate, also flies in the face of the many scenarios espoused by the GFL sites and e-mails.


In view of the approaching election expect all means possible to be employed to hide the truth of all this from the voters.


WE suspect ‘the flow of funds’ cannot be hidden and the world knows there is no ‘source of funds’ adequate to the task other than the Fed/Obama/Bernanke/Geithner HDN Team (Helicopter Distribution Network).


                          Casper    6-2-12