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At the White House today 13 Great Americans including John Glenn and Bob Dylan were presented our nation’s highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, by President Obama. I’m sure he tried to reach me too but I was not available today.


Obama remains very busy these days spending our nation into oblivion as called for in the published works of his two professors at Colombia University. At the G-8 meetings at Camp David two weeks ago, we hear, he agreed (with Bernanke and Geithner) to continue funding the bailout of Europe at American Taxpayer expense. Several tens of billions were dispatched to Greece immediately after the meetings and a couple of days later came and announcement of another 100B from the Greek National Bank. As the GNB cannot print Euro’s, where do you suppose those funds came from?


Today, the first day after the long weekend, our Intel says Obama is saying he intends to bail out all of Europe and is arranging for the U.S. to guarantee all derivatives dealings worldwide which is a sly way of saying generations of Americans are to be placed at risk of a collapse of the unregulated over the counter derivatives scam perpetrated by the big banks. We hear that he said this secret operation will be put in place and managed by Geithner and John Corzine’s former partner at MF Global.


There is a new financial scam every week with Obama at the center of every one of them. Last year the BIS said the Nominal Value of all derivatives outstanding was 600T.This year several financial articles say it is 1.2 Quads and a few say it is in excess of four quads. A current 70T to 120T JPM/Chase loss was also part of the conversations now being reported here. WE are also advised that as far back as ‘Dodd- Frank’ provisions were included in that legislation to make the American people liable for all failures. This appears to us to be ‘The Corporation’ (Obama) using every trick in their book to make the people liable for losses created by The Corporation, Wall Street and the Big Banks which control The Corporation and the Political Whores who work for it. Can you not see how this is a guarantee of bankruptcy for most every person in America?


When their fraudulent financial playpen collapse’s like the giant Ponzi it is,  you will awake in poverty.Then says Obama, he ‘will take care of you’ in his Communist Welfare State. One after another Obama, sometimes with the help of the Republicans (In Name Only) are passing Laws, issuing Executive Orders and demanding Treaties which convey sovereignty to the U.N., open Americans up to International Taxation, advance the Police State and readies ‘The State’ for total takeover after a collapse created by them.


Front and center next week is L.O.S.T., the U.N. sponsored Law of The Seas Treaty, another Obama forfeit of American rights to International Control. As previously reported- and it remains my opinion- Obama is the President of ‘The New World Order’, a pawn of the Illuminati and America’s Creditor’s Committees , a puppet of the Banks and the greatest enemy the American people have ever encountered. He is demanding an expiration of ‘The Bush Tax Cuts’ on Jan. 1st (got to be re-elected first don’t you see). That’s another 1.2 TRILLION in taxes not upon millionaires but upon every American.


Obama care, also Jan. 1st, if the S.Ct. does not throw it out (it is unconstitutional on its face) is another 5.2 TRILLION in taxes and fees (over time) and this 7 Trillion in new taxes and fees does not include the cost to citizens for the on-going never ending bailout of the Banks which now includes the bailout of the whole of Europe which is underway now.  Every act, every policy, appears designed to bankrupt the average citizen. While doing these things our Intel says these and other even less visible activities are all designed to preserve the Status Quo and to not allow the new. As always it is the Fiat/Debt based world as represented by Obama (and Bush before him) and his policies versus the new asset backed system and our delivery and funding.


Now regarding the “Madam WU is here to help get deliveries done” Intel which began on ‘the grapevine’ the middle of last week you may recall that she was the center of our attention in five or six consecutive updates three or so years ago. At that time she supposedly came here to ‘help get deliveries out’ and the series of updates ended with her ‘in bed’ with Bush Senior and being recalled to China as a result and facing execution. At that time we tried to follow the situation through to see if it actually took place but all soon went completely silent upon her return to China and she was nowhere to be seen then all this time has passed and suddenly we have a three year old story reappearing. Today we tried to find out if she is still alive. Two reports, both from China, say no, but we are still not sure. The biographical info on the net is dated. We managed to learn she is not among the top 14 people on the ‘Standing Committee of The National People’s Congress’ as advertised, and the Intel regarding her position on the ‘Finance Committee’ is also ‘dated’. Of course we hope these stories are true, that she is here to help, but so far what we are getting is “it’s warmed over hash”…..


Our reading of the overall situation remains basically the same. The Cabal, led by Obama (in Our Opinion), continues with the production of fiat digits on the computers, without limits, in an all-out ‘ devil may care’  attempt to preserve their fraudulent Ponzi Playpen and to maintain themselves in power while the new can’t seem to ‘get over the hump’ because, we hear, Obama and the Cabal refuse to ‘throw in the towel’. The arrest, if they are occurring, are not visible to us or our allies. Every day we question the support for Obama from ‘you know who’-  given all that we have encountered with this TRAITOR over the last several years. WE cannot comprehend how anyone, other than the completely blind, could fail to see what he and his policies are doing to our country. The man is using the S.S. number of a DEAD MAN. He has perpetrated the greatest fraud ever upon the American people (he was born in Kenya and has spent millions attempting to cover it up- with the help of the press and the entire ‘Establishment’).  Why? Why do the Republicans and the Supreme Court go along with this charade? My only guess is that Obama is the head man of ‘The New World Order ’and the leader of the pre-planned destruction of America for the purpose of merging it’s remains into the Communist United Nations- and the others are completely bought and blackmailed- not to mention the dozens upon dozens who are openly of a Communist persuasion. Communism is the opposite of freedom. Communist have slaughtered hundreds of millions of innocents. Communist have been working toward the takeover of America for a hundred years.


It appears to me that China and others are saying “no more purchases of American Debt unless we are cleared to start spending our dollar reserves purchasing American Banks and Businesses” which is now underway.  


A friend asked me recently why I hate Obama so much. I responded, “I don’t hate Obama, I love my country and I will do all in my power to stop his intentional spending of it into oblivion”. In an update immediately following his election I said to all of you, “the best possible thing that can happen for our country is that Obama turns out to be a good guy and not the extreme left wing radical indicated by his public statements and his voting record”. Unfortunately he has turned out to be exactly as his record indicated, a Marxist, a Marxist since childhood.


A couple of other messengers recently reported that the Fiat System must completely collapse before ‘the new’ can happen. If true, as long as Obama/Bernanke/Geithner continue to create ‘thin air money’ and spread it far and wide, adding it ‘to the books’ as a debt of future generations of Americans, the existing  system will last until hyper-inflation kills it and the peoples living standards simultaneously.


Fulford has a unique take in his current update, “the BRICS buy up the FRN’s”. Where do they get the funds to do so?


And the Dinar? As WE have reported, the tail cannot wag the dog.


                      Casper    5-29-12