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The Inspector General for the Treasury Department has just reported that Treasury was given ONE DAY to review Obama’s 528M loan to Solyndra, a ‘Green Energy’ farce run by one of Obama’s ‘Bundlers’ (raiser of campaign contributions). Now several other ‘Green Energy’ endeavors funded by Obama have also gone bankrupt losing 100% of the taxpayer funds and guarantees he provided to them. These FOO’s (Friends of Obama) paid themselves bonuses of hundreds of thousands of dollars just before filing for Bankruptcy.

A reporter, Liberal no less, says Bill Clinton told him Obama is foreign born and not Constitutionally qualified to be President.

The MSM (Associated Press, Newsweek, NBC, etc., etc., etc.), have dropped all pretense of independence or fair ‘journalism’ and are saying publically and loudly that Obama must be re-elected. The MSM are ‘Agents’ of the Liberals.

Now the ‘Galactic’ E-Mails are saying (SaLuSa, etc.) not only that Obama is their man but also Global Warming is real and must be dealt with. They don’t actually say “Man Made” Global Warming as I recall but the implication was clear. How do you suppose the earth and other planets in our solar system ‘warmed up’ many times over the centuries before man developed fossil fuels or Al Gore invented the internet?  

Obama is attacking RINO Budget Proposals saying ‘they’ want to throw granny off a cliff. Their proposals cut the rate of increases in spending, very seldom spending itself. Obama’s own budget proposals received zero votes in the Senate (97-0). I think the vote in the House was (414:0). And this lunatic lectures the Republicans about their proposed budget? His B.S. is so deep he can’t even find a Democrat to support it. 

Obama apparently got word that last Friday’s Supreme Court ‘secret’ vote on Obama Care went against him so he immediately attacked the Conservatives on the Court saying they have no right as unelected judges to overrule what he and his fellow Democrats have passed in Congress( with zero Republican votes). ‘ Unprecedented’ he said. The man is a nut case. No wonder he won’t release his college transcripts. Obama Care is unconstitutional on its face as reported here several times. If you have read the Constitution you know this without needing to consult anyone else’s opinion. Assuming as suspected the four Liberal Judges on the Court are willing to call this abomination (Obama Care) Constitutional, you can observe just how very close we are to our Founding Documents meaning absolutely nothing. “The end justifies the means” is the position of the Liberals who could care less what the Constitution says. Obama in office is unconstitutional. NDAA is unconstitutional. Obama Care is unconstitutional. Attacking Libya from the Oval Office is unconstitutional. Funding Campaign Supporters BILLIONS with taxpayer funds is unconstitutional. Shutting down drilling in the Gulf so the rigs would be moved to Brazil to benefit Soros was unconstitutional. Sending thousands of guns to Mexican Drug Cartels and MS-13 in Honduras was unconstitutional. Shall I go on? Obama is the President of the Corporation. The Corporation has declared in writing the people to be ‘Enemies of the State’. Obama has personally stopped our deliveries more times than we can count. The MSM and Ashtar and the GFL say ‘Obama is their man’. 

Democrats in the House want SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX HIKES to continue their lavish spending. If they and Obama remain in control of our country after the November Elections America as we have known it will no longer exist. If he and they had any intention of allowing the Prosperity Programs to fund they would not need to push such high risk legislation.

The Audacity and the Arrogance of Obama personally cannot be measured. It is ‘off the charts’. Since he exited the Pyramids claiming his likeness is carved into the walls he has been insufferable at home and abroad. After every International meeting or conference we get reports of how disliked he is by all present (except the Muslims of course).

Gas prices have more than doubled since Obama took office. They were up another 16 cents per gallon last week. Before he was elected he said he would send them thru the roof. No one believed him. Hypnotized people cannot reason.

What percentage of the people would you say are actually ‘stupid’?  I say 20%. Add in another 30% who are simply ignorant (without knowledge) OR care only about getting Government checks and add another 5% or so illegal aliens who will vote without I.D.’s and the Dem’s are ‘over the top’. PERMANENTLY Over The Top. The move to cause as many as possible to work for the Government or to be dependent upon a Government check is no accident. It is POLICY. It is the intentional CHANGE from Freedom to Dependence and therefore Control. Central Planning and Control is Communism.

Student Loan Debt now exceeds One Trillion Dollars, more than all auto loans combined. Can’t pay for your car, it gets repossessed. Can’t repay your student loans as no jobs available? The Politicians have passed laws making it impossible to ever get away from this debt. It follows you to the grave. Not even filing for bankruptcy will cancel it. Who do the Politicians work for?

Obama in Korea last week attempting to make ‘deals’,  “I will be re-elected and you will have to live with me”.

By now you are aware of the ‘Postman’ who has stepped forward saying Obama’s schooling was paid for by the Bill Ayers family? Who is Bill Ayers? A violent leftist Terrorist (Weather Underground) and an avowed Communist just like Obama’s  stand in father and mentor Frank Marshall Davis. And Ayers wife?  Bernadine Dorhn, a decades long personal friend of the Obama’s and affiliated also with the Black Panthers. You remember them don’t you? They once tied a man to a chair, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire. And who was it that defended these murderous monsters, these Domestic Terrorist at trial?  Why none other than your second favorite Liberal Traitor, Hillary Rodham Clinton of Vince Foster fame.

Do the American people deserve what they are getting? Einstein said, “Two things are infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of the people and I’m not sure about the Universe”.

Today we are getting Intel saying the Electronics in our Military Aircraft and Missiles, bought from China starting with the Clinton Administration, is faulty and worthless. “You get what you pay for” China sources say.

The CURRENT NEWS saying deliveries this week, news that literally everyone on the Planet has and are repeating, is originating with the ‘Families’ in China.  True or false? WE don’t know.

Euro banks are leveraged 26:1. Lehman was 30:1. The ECB is 36:1. FRENCH BANKS are 100:1

A recent ‘E.T.’ message says Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional NDAA Ex.Order suspending our basic fundamental right of Habeas Corpus is not meant for you and me, just the bad guys. Obama’s Corporation has declared you and me to be ‘Enemies of the State’. Now ‘they’ can take you from your home, throw you in a dungeon, no lawyer, no trial, no Habeas Corpus, no phone call, no nothing. Obama is the antithesis of the Constitution the E.T.’s  claim to support yet they support him? Something is dreadfully wrong here.

There has been another flurry of excuses for no deliveries last week and this week. Even so those who believe in the daily flow of pabulum still believe. Let us hope they are right ‘This Time’. WE do not have offsetting bad news, it’s just that WE know where their Intel is originating and we have no faith in the source as they have yet to be right for the first time.

Casper   4-5-12   opinion