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·         On the Business Front---- our sources say the ‘valve’ has still not been opened which is not necessary for Chinese Citizens to be able to obtain physical precious metals for their paper currency at major Chinese banks as mentioned in ‘From China’s’ letter to casper. ‘Opening the valve’ refers to the programs and other payout’s and distributions getting underway. Meanwhile China and half the world’s population are moving forward with a metals standard and asset backed banking while Obama, the Corporation, the G-5/G-8 countries and all related entities in D.C. continue to block the new banking and currency from use in the U.S. as they remain determined to ‘control the world’ using their Fraudulent Fiat Financial Playpen’ backed up by the ‘biggest guns’ on the planet.  Our corrupt Congress and Courts are on board with the Executive (Obama) stopping the new as all of them would likely get ‘flushed’ should we return to Constitutional Law. The legalities are complex but only because the Criminals in D.C. make it so. They could resign today and take their Corporations and their Filth and their Treason with them but no no no they are saying (we hear), not until it all blows sky high or else the people find the courage to show up with tar and feathers. As for ‘opening the valve’, for some reason they will not share with us what the ‘one thing’ is that must yet be done so the valve can be opened. We are under the impression it is something in D.C. but we are not sure. We think it’s something the bad guys have agreed to do but still won’t actually do, but we are not certain of this either. It could be any one of so many different things we can only guess which is a waste of time.


There is one other possibility, that being that those in charge simply do not have the courage necessary to push the button, to turn the valve for the new. WE do so hope that is not the case but we are not bashful about asking them straight out if that is the ‘one thing’. Needless to say they won’t answer us. Other messengers continue to receive their daily dose of pabulum always saying ‘tonight or tomorrow’ and for reasons we cannot fathom they continue to believe what they are told and naturally WE want them to be right----this time. Our best guess is that someone is ‘spiking’ their pabulum with peyote. Our news remains the same, ‘valve not open, no Fiat Distribution, no R.V. of IQD except in the context of a revaluation of all currencies, etc. etc. etc….  


·         Have you noticed the speeding up of the Corporations ‘capture, control and incarceration’(figures of speech) of the people? Just as Palestine has become a large out door Prison run by Israel the U.S. is becoming an even larger outdoor Prison run by Obama and his gang of Criminal Communist Czars (NWO). They are stepping on and squashing any child or adult who thinks he has a right to make and sell a glass of lemon aide, any child who brings her own lunch to school prepared by her mother, anyone who actually fires a gun at a burglar, anyone who complains about open borders or tax dollars being given to illegal aliens, feeding the homeless is now outlawed, unconstitutional legislation coming out nearly every month, stopping the drilling for oil, stopping the transport of oil, the Ex. Order last Friday preparing the ‘hand over’ of virtually every aspect of life in America to the Dictator- Hitler, I mean the President- Obama, falsification of documents by the President, suppression of documents after promising ‘transparency’ (Fast & Furious), all manner of cover ups with Republican participation, taking the nation’s biggest car maker (GM) away from its rightful owners (shareholders) and giving it to his Union Friends who elected him. It was a sewer before he arrived, now it’s much much worse. Sometimes I get angry thinking about what Obama is intentionally doing to our country. More often I feel like crying because I realize that those who vote for him and will elect him again cannot be made to see and understand what it is they do assuming they ever cared in the first place. ‘They’ control the Education System and are teaching our kids ‘Dear Leader’ Songs. ‘They’ control the media so it is not possible to show the people how easily they are being played like a fiddle just as the German People were. It is the speed with which the Politicians are moving to insulate and protect themselves from the people that I am calling to your attention today. They are working on legislation right now which basically says you cannot complain about anything in the presence of a Senator or Congressman. The Corporations and the Traitors who work for them ( there are thousands of ‘Government Corporations’ in D.C.) are aware the people are waking up and they are attempting to protect themselves from the people by providing their robotrons (law enforcement types) with every conceivable excuse for suppressing and/or arresting anyone who dares raise a voice much less a finger against them.


·         Evidence presented in Courts and by Sheriff Arpaio shows Obama’s Birth Certificate, Draft Card and Social Security Number are all forged and/or fraudulent. Who do you suppose he is, besides being a Communist and a Muslim I mean?  Why do you suppose the Supreme Court and the Media in our country are participating in this fraud? Does it not bother you that a fraud of this magnitude is going on right in front of your face and the ‘free no more’ Media in the U.S. is participating? How can we believe anything at all coming from Politicians or the Media? Since it is obvious that ‘The Establishment’ is behind this subterfuge and participating in it how can we believe anything coming out of Washington D.C.?  Who/what do you suppose has taken over and is now running our country? The Corporation of course but who or what else? Are you aware that many researchers who devoted their lives to finding answers to these questions say that the U.S. has been in ‘Bankruptcy’ for two hundred years and therefore the one we are led to believe is our President is actually running “The Corporation” on behalf of its Creditors, the U.N. and the IMF? That would explain many of Obama’s actions would it not? And why he and the Media and indeed the Congress and the Courts pay no attention to ‘the will of the people’ and why the Media has ‘sold out’ to ‘The Establishment’ and suppresses rather than reports truth. And why the Corporation of the UNITED STATES has declared in writing the people to be ‘Enemies of the State’. Are you aware that Obama referred to Islam in a Nationally Televised Interview as “ My Muslim Religion” and referred to the “57 States of the United States” (there are 57 Muslim countries)? Why are you not aware? It is because the Media has suppressed rather than re-run those videos. Are you aware that Obama said in a Nationally Televised Interview that “Oil and Gas and Utility cost MUST OF NECESSITY RISE DRAMATICALLY given the policies I intend to implement”? Why are you not aware? Why are the Republican’s not ‘making hay’ with these televised statements by Obama in view of rising gas & energy cost?  It’s because ‘they’ are all in on the Con. They all work for the same CORPORATION. The only ones not in on the Con are the people. The Con is necessary to keep the people from over running D.C. with buckets of tar and feathers and ropes. When THE PEOPLE have finally had enough of this daily Treason they will, IMO, and rightfully so, take to D.C. sufficient quantities of Tar and Feathers to include the ‘bought and paid for’ and Treasonous Media. Therefore we should expect a new law soon, ‘Anyone caught with a feather goes to jail’.


·         Did you notice that last week Defense Secretary Panetta, testifying before Congress, said the Administration will seek International approval before bombing Syria then said they would advise Congress after the fact whenever convenient? Defense Dep’t. to Congress—‘up yours, we will do whatever we want and advise you afterwards, we take our orders from the U.N. not you flunkies in Congress’. Who appointed Panetta who just said the Constitution is meaningless? None other than Constitution hater President Obama. Then Panetta went to Afghanistan to speak to the troops who were ORDERED TO DISARM before gathering to here Panetta speak. ‘They’ have been ‘flipping the bird’  to the American people since 1933, now the Corporation is flipping the bird to the Congress which should be but is not representing the people while the Corporations Defense Secretary flips the bird to his own troops.


·         Are you aware that Impeachment Proceedings have been filed against Obama in the House of Representatives? Why are you not aware? Because those who own the White House, the Congress, the Courts and the Media have ordered the Media not to report truth, to sometimes lie and to sometimes say nothing.  D.C. is a sewer. Media is a sewer. How do you reckon the whores in D.C. and the Media who call themselves ‘Journalist’ manage to shave without cutting their own throats?


·         How many times have WE reported the use of ‘Emergency Powers’ by the Executive being used to take over our country? Unless you are deaf, dumb and blind you are aware by now of the Obama Executive Order last Friday giving himself and his Czars the authority to literally take over all aspects of running the country--- food, fuel, transportation, toilet paper, everything.  Congress-‘stuff it’. Citizens-‘stuff it’. “ I am the boss. I am God. It is my picture on the walls of the Pyramids, not yours. You will do as I and my Czars instruct—or else”. Obama is appointing himself ‘Dictator’ and the bought and paid for and blackmailed traitors in Congress do not have the courage to stop him. Read it and weep friends. The price for apathy is loss of freedom. I will tell my grandkids I did everything I could do. What will you tell yours?


·         IMO Obama will not need a second term to complete his intentional destruction of America and its Constitution.  


·         Perhaps some of you spiritually aware Obama supporters will please explain to the rest of us how the first paragraph of the March 19th Quinsey/SaLuSa update can be reconciled with the issuance of the E.O. discussed above?


·         What the partnership of the Fed and the U.S. Government are doing to the American people is Criminal.  Our country and its people are being ravaged by the money interest with the co-operation of the Politicians. ‘Gold is not money’  Bernanke testified to Congress a few months ago. He and his HDN group (Helicopter Distribution Network) have issued 16 Trillion in bailout funds (from thin air), most going to Euro Banks through the ECB for which you and your grandchildren are on the hook. These debts cannot be repaid, it is not possible, therefore this reduces generations of Americans to a life of Serfdom, Slaves to debt created for purposes which are treasonous and nothing but out right theft.  Why, why are they doing this? To spend our country into oblivion as they said they would if they could fool enough people into electing them. Them? The Communist he has been surrounded with since early childhood and still is (CZARS),  (Communist Frank Marshall Davis became Obama’s mentor when he was 11 years old) and to preserve themselves in power at all cost. The road they have chosen means  ‘hell to pay’ not for them but for the American people. The recent message ‘From China’ said that neither China or anyone else can stop them from doing this (creation of unlimited e-currency). The other countries can refuse to accept American/U.S./Fed Res Cash Dollars of course, but they can’t stop our Gov’t. from creating unlimited sums of funny money just as WE have been reporting while hoping we were wrong as so many others said the Fed had been stopped/bought out, etc….    Until recently the Western Central Banks were selling their gold reserves. This was an ‘In Your Face’ announcement, as Bernanke testified, Gold is not money. Bull chit. Not he and certainly not the Liars and Whores in Congress are going to reverse thousands of years of free market decisions. This foolishness of the American Government, the arrogance of Obama personally, the determination to continue with unlimited funny money, besides destroying the purchasing power of Fiat Currencies and therefore the living standards of the American people has, will and inevitably must result in the Currency Wars now unfolding, a war which the West cannot possibly win but which ‘they’ will wage in order to retain themselves in power until the bitter end and never mind what it does to the country or its people, ‘the only thing that matters to them is not losing ‘control’ and their personal greed. This ‘WAR’ has been going on for a long time and it is continuing. OUR NEWS, as reported Sunday night remains the same—the Fiat Powers (Obama/Bernanke/ECB/etc. etc etc.) are refusing to yield and, along with the big U.S. Banks are saying they will not allow the ‘West’ to become part of the new no matter the consequences to the people. They don’t count, ‘only we and our Banker Buddies count’. Or, stated another way, ‘we will not allow our Vatican and Honduran and many many other bank accounts to be exposed. We are The Masters of The Universe and no one can get rid of us or our Fraudulent Financial Playpen’.


·         Surely you can see why the Framers of the Constitution said Presidential Candidates must be Natural Born Citizens. If we allow a foreign born Communist Muslim to do what he is doing what is to stop the U.N. from next appointing a Russian or a Communist from Cuba as our President?


·         Have you seen yesterday’s Mike Quinsey/SaLuSa update? At the top is a picture/drawing/whatever of Holder and Obama in prison garb with interesting commentary below, a 180 degree reversal by them? Go look for yourselves. I await further explanation, how about you? Surely some jokester added the picture but what if the GFL is making a statement? An admission?  


·         WE continue to believe the Dinar R.V. was a SCAM being perpetrated by the Bad Guys upon an innocent audience worldwide. If it occurred as a standalone as they intended it would recapitalize their Fiat Empire as WE have suggested from day one. If it happens that way WE believe it would be the opposite of what we have been waiting for more than 20 years. The object folks, is to defeat the Thin Air Fiat Boys not to ‘recap’ them. The enormous amounts already collected from the sale of Dinars is ‘chicken feed’ compared to the R.V. of warehouses full of the stuff controlled by Bush and the Bad Guys. Notice also that this would then put Iraq in the position of creating from ‘thin air’ unlimited sums of fraudulent Fiat Dinars which would mean, it seems to me, that the Bad Guys had simply changed their ‘home address’. More reasonable it seems to me would be all currencies at the same time in relation to a preset Gold Price, a preset price for a basket of Metals or a basket of commodities. This would, me thinks, stabilize all currencies relative to each other and eliminate most currency speculation. It would also likely mean still another ‘new’ currency for Iraq and a new Treasury Currency for the U.S. and (I’m guessing) a dramatically devalued Fed ‘Dollar’ which is a Debt Instrument. In fact, it might no longer exist.


·         It appears to me that all this ‘pushing and shoving’ going on in the world, beyond the actual internal strife in such as Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, etc., are proxies for this Financial Warfare which we have all thought was over time after time only to find that the Bad Guys had not surrendered after all.


·         WE note with interest that after our Sunday Night ‘urgent update’ asking for help regarding our news from China saying Obama et al will not allow the new into the U.S. or the G-whatever, that not a single hound dog, blood hound, bull dog, or cocker spaniel has stepped forward to help confirm or deny this Intel. Its Thursday night hound dogs.


                Casper  opinion   3-22-12