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March 17, 2012

Dear Casper,

I think the best way for me to answer your many questions is by inserting my answers after each question.

Q: Thank you for writing. Thank you for caring enough to educate us, especially me. Apologies to Mr. Wen, Mr. Hu and Mr. Xi for the miss use of their names. Unintentional I assure you. Tell me Sir, in the example of the Chinese National Hero and most wonderful human being Yao Ming, is his given name Ming and his last name Yao?

A: If you are referring to Yao Ming the retired Chinese professional basketball player, his surname (family name) is Yao and his given name is Ming.

Q: Sir, it is not often an anonymous American gets to correspond publically with a well-informed anonymous China Person about a subject of such vital importance as this, in full view of untold numbers of interested international readers. I do hope you will consider continuing our dialog by offering your opinions and/or your knowledge about the following:

Regarding the last sentence of your e-mail to casper via RMN in which you confirm ‘no disbursements in Fiat Funds’, can you also confirm that the rumored revaluation of the IQD was and is a scam instigated by ‘the bad guys’ for the purpose of recapitalizing their Fiat Financial Playpen? Is it safe to say this will not be allowed? As you probably know WE have been at this amateur hour pursuit of Intel for well over a decade and it is most important to us that we report accurately to a very large audience.

A: As you well know, all scams contain a little truth, and in the case of the Iraq Dinar, this rule applies. When Bush Jr. invaded Iraq he had the Dinar depreciated by 1000:1. Now that Iraq is returning to be a sovereign nation it will revalue its currency. They have recently removed the three zeros from their present currency. But many countries are also going to revalue their own currencies based on the Bretton Woods model, which was based upon gold. The current thinking is to base each sovereign country’s currencies against the four precious metals, like China. My understanding is that this revaluation of the world’s currencies has been in the planning stage for many years, but it was necessary to demonstrate the fallacy of Fiat currency before these plans could be implemented. Again, results are always stronger than prophecy. Therefore, I believe as I stated that no major disbursement, including the revaluation of the Iraq Dinar, will occur until the majority of the countries agree to revalue their own currency. I have no specific knowledge when this will happen, but I can hope that it will happen sooner than later.

Q: Sir, regarding the produced in America television commercial showing a distinguished China Man addressing a class room of Chinese Students and ending with the words “and now the Americans work for us” as the students laugh, in your opinion is this an accurate portrayal of America after the blowup (devaluation) of the Dollar?

A: I think the best way to answer this question is to relate my first experience when I was invited to come to China by the Provincial Governor in 1987. All of the Chinese that I met would apologize for their poverty. They had an extreme inferiority complex. When I returned three years ago, I have found them to be very proud of their achievements since my first visit. I believe that the children laughed, because it was a joke.

The Chinese have never been a military aggressor for 500 years. Even today, the Chinese government feels that it has too many problems supporting 1,300 million citizens, and they do not want to add to their problems by being an aggressor. This is again demonstrated by their limitation for the Han ethnic population to have only one child. The one child policy is restricted to the Han population, and all other ethnic groups are not limited to only one child.

Q: Sir, in your opinion will historical America and its Constitution and its Sovereignty survive the fall of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES and is it essentially true that much of Historical America such as its Treasury Department was lodged with China for safe keeping many decades ago?

A: I certainly hope that America can learn from its mistakes, but unfortunately, that will be a slow process. As for the status of the Treasury Department status, I have no personal knowledge.

Q: Sir, is it true or false that Patriot Missiles and/or military hardware have been given to China by the current American Administration and true or false that Secretary of State Clinton on behalf of the Administration offered China eminent domain over our National Parks and Federal Buildings? Did China accept any such offer?

A: The transfer of technical information to China is not limited to the present administration, even President Clinton sold our missile control system’s technology to China during his administration.

My understanding is that this administration had made many offers to China to reduce our debt to China. But, I also understand that China rejected these offers for purely pragmatic reasons, which is that you never accept property that you cannot move over to your own territory. The Chinese have been producing and trading silk, spices, tea, and chinaware for thousands of years, and they are the world’s best traders.

Q: Sir, regarding the recent dramatic worldwide increase in messages supposedly from the GFL and it’s (our) allies, in your opinion, are these messages real or is it an attempt to manipulate our people? Do you think I am nuts for asking you such a question?

A: If you are referring to the GFL as the Galactic Federation Light, I have no personal knowledge about them, since I have never personally communicated with them. I have acquired personal knowledge of many groups, here in Asia, that have the capability and are active in the establishment of a legitimate financial system, and they have never had any contact with extraterrestrial beings. They present a plausible hypothesis, but, as far as I know, they haven’t been properly tested. Therefore, I cannot make any judgment as to your sanity.

Q: Sir, how much longer will it take to defeat the bad guys? Is Obama the bad guy Con Artist WE have been reporting to our readers for many years or are WE totally off base? Is he true that he is responsible for untold numbers of delays as WE have reported to our readers over the last three years?

A: Unfortunately, just freezing their personal money is not enough. There is a large population that still thinks that they will be rewarded by continuing to loan money to these “bad guys”. I have been personally aware of this grand Ponzi scheme and the blockage of the distribution of its profits for more than 20 years.

Q: Sir, who has control of the FED RES/Corporate Treasury ‘Printing Press’ (figure of speech)?

A: It has been reported that China has been able to obtain a lien on the FED RES. As for the printing presses, I do not believe that any new Federal Reserve Notes have been printed since that lien was issued. But, there is no way that the Chinese can stop the FED from issuing electronic dollars. Those e-dollars can be deleted just a quickly as they are generated. The issuing of e-dollars is important for the stock market, but that doesn’t mean that they can be spent.

Q: Sir, our Political Leaders are, by in large, Liars and Whores. WE THE PEOPLE can no longer trust what they tell us. We are desperate for truth. WE hear there are many in your country, especially among the families but also elements of the Gov’t. itself, who are pursuing a continuation of the status quo in partnership with Obama. Can you confirm?

A: I think the best way to answer that question is to explain the organization chart of the Chinese government. For many centuries China has been governed by emperors and their descendants. Over many years, a group of these descendants combined their personal wealth and formed a formal group, which I will call the “Elders”. This group of Elders has almost unlimited wealth, which was acquired over many centuries.