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fEB. 29, 2012

·         Well Friends, it’s been almost a month since our last update. The reason is the same as before, our Intel has not agreed with the many messengers who constantly say ‘today or tomorrow’ and as previously stated, we do not enjoy reporting negative news. Another month of ‘today or tomorrow’ has come and gone. WE continue to hear that this daily pabulum originates with the Treasury based dis-info team and co-operating ‘Family Members’ in China. It is Obama they are ‘co-operating’ with. Our current news, stated as succinctly as possible, is that Obama, the Fed, The U.S. Corporate Treasury, the Bushes/Clintons/Illuminate Banking Establishment/ECB and the Fiat Establishment worldwide continues the fight to preserve the Status Quo and their Fraudulent Financial Playpen while continuing to do everything humanly possible to preclude the ‘new’ from seeing the light of day. I wish to emphasize that our news continues to say OBAMA is the Sock Puppet for the ‘Greed and Power Coalition’ who refuse to give up or give in. Moreover, our Intel does not agree with others who say Jin Ping arrived Stateside to overcome Obama and to get things moving. We are informed, from Beijing, that Jin Ping is a ‘worker bee’ not a decision maker and he spent his time here, as instructed, co-operating with Obama in the sabotage of the new including all funding’s. He wants, we hear, along with Obama, to stall everything until after Obama’s Re-election and his own promotion to the leadership of China later this year or early next year.


This current edition of our ‘Tea Leaves Reading’ and ‘Throwing of the Bones’ coupled with this month’s observations and conversations with those we still have access to, portends  MORE OF THE SAME.  In other words, there continues a massive attempt to save the Fiat Status Quo by those CRIMINALS still in Power, especially in the U.S., who are moving unlimited Trillions of Thin Air Dollars to where ever it is needed to prop up the Existing Corrupt Fiat Banks at all cost with almost all of said ‘cost’ being laid off onto the people. The WAR continues is the gist of this update.  There are apparently no Laws, Rules, Regulations, Courts, etc. capable of stopping the overwhelming levels of corruption throughout the Corporate U.S. Banking and Political Establishments. 15T here, 6T there, a different 16T ‘distribution’ uncovered by Ron Paul’s limited audit of the Fed (which we reported to be closer to 100T), the movement of 4.7T we reported in our last update, this is the Privately Owned Banking Systems of the Western World doing anything they please, billing it to generations of taxpayers and covering it up, or sometimes not bothering to cover it up, with the co-operation of most of the Corporations Politicians who sold their souls to the Devil for ‘20 pieces of silver’, actually millions of dollars. We hear GEITHNER is delivering another 400B to the ECB this week to continue the bailouts of Euro Banks at American Taxpayers Expense. What with Trillions of CDS’s and Quads of Derivatives in play, with every bank having every other bank as counter parties, not to mention the insurance companies can’t pay, if one goes they all go so unlimited

‘Cash’ from thin air and unlimited ‘Rollovers’ of existing debt is the massive ‘save the ship’ game presently underway.  Anything, anything at all, to preserve the status quo and stop the disclosure of their Criminal Acts throughout several successive Administrations. These infusions of cash can ‘paper over’ todays crisis, perhaps even tomorrows, but cannot solve the Banks problems of insolvency. Their ‘assets’ are not assets.  


Our Intel says the ‘valve’ has not been turned on and whenever the ‘good guys’ get within seeing distance of the valve the ‘bad guys’ come up with still another method of delay.


It appears to us, as previously reported many times, the Communist Chinese Government is ‘between the sheets’ with Obama and only God knows the extent of the Treason and Betrayals involved. Many members of ‘The Mountain Tribes’ (Families) in China are also in bed with him and are responsible for a continuous flow of dis-info from over there. As this sabotage continues you can observe the various ‘Spiritually Oriented’ web-sites ‘crawfishing’ and saying ‘more patience will be required’. Patriot Missiles to China, Eminent Domain over U.S. National Parks and Wetlands, Liens against all Federal Buildings including the White House are just a few of the items we have previously reported and sourced from the American Embassy in Beijing. “ARRANGEMENTS” between Obama and China is the word we used in our last update to describe current ‘observations’. By now you have no doubt forgotten our reports from as far back as two years ago reporting the Vatican Bank Accounts arranged for most of the Communist Governments Politburo Members?  Greed and Power, that’s all that matters to these Satan Worshipers.


In the midst of these ‘First Rail’ actions and reactions the IQD R.V. crowd waits impatiently for what we have heard from day one is an attempted scam by Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. as they attempt to turn sows ears into silk purses by turning warehouses full of worthless paper into Trillions of Dollars for the purpose of saving their existing Corrupt and Fraudulent Fiat Financial Playpen. Our sources say that should an R.V. ever happen it will only be in the context of all the worlds currencies  simultaneously. How much money do you reckon has been raised from ‘the people’ worldwide via the sale of Iraqi ‘Toilet Paper’?  Where do you suppose that money has ended up?  How much you reckon, Billions? Hundreds of Billions?  More? From someone’s perspective the R.V. has already occurred. ‘They’ have already ‘cashed out’. “They” (the sellers), have declared ‘the people’ to be the ‘Enemies of the State’. Where ever you look the rape, robbery and pillaging of the people is underway while ‘they’ are simultaneously ‘herding’ the sheep (you and me) into the corrals of their Police State.


·         Well then. To where shall we look for help in the midst of all this negativity? To our Federation Friends? Are they ‘above us’?  Or in a windowless basement office at Langley?  We had best pray for the former because, as stated in the latest White Hat Report, there exist NO MAN in this country willing to STAND UP for Truth, Justice and the American Way. We are a country of COWARDS and BRIBED POLITICIANS. My previous request/question that the Galactic’s  explain Obama’s and his Children’s Vatican Bank Accounts went unanswered. Perhaps they will explain instead why the ‘Creators of our Universe’ are having so much trouble handling a few chickenhit bankers?  Of course there are those who are doing what they can do, Wilcock and Fulford for instance and “S” before them (see archives @ Fourwinds, “S” is still in exile by the way).  I meant someone with the gravitas to command our country’s attention.


·         The Vatican called this week for a Global Authority and a World Central Bank to take over the economies of the world (world taxation). Left unsaid is their role as the NWO’s World Religion.


·         Remember MF Global? It is difficult, is it not, to keep the scams straight in our minds there are so many. CORZINE. Word has it that he PERSONALLY WIRED 165M and 59M of the missing 1.2B in the final hours. Like Obama’s pals at Solyndra who just paid themselves hundreds of thousands $ in bonuses even though they have filed for bankruptcy after losing 500M of taxpayers money,  Corzine, as another major contributor to Obama, will simply show the Sheriff his Obama/Holder ‘get out of jail free card’.


·         Once ‘The Valve’ is opened it can’t be closed. As recently as yesterday we were advised that Obama et al are doing all possible to keep it from opening. One of the most recent reasons for delay has centered on blockages by the New York Fed Bank, the sewer from which Tiny Tim emerged.


·         Here is something positive: ‘The Countries’ are once again throwing a Wall Eyed Fit demanding the valve be turned on.


·         Geithner arrested? He was in Mexico over the weekend we hear, now off to Europe with the 400B mentioned above.


·         Jin Ping and Obama conspiring to delay is our Front Page ‘above the fold’ headline.


·         The R.V.ed Dinar at $12.36 says some of the ‘Dinar Guru’s’.  Are people really this nuts? A backwoods war torn country to have a currency 12X the value of the world’s reserve currency? Not unless the ‘Dollar’ is simultaneously devalued by 90%....Perhaps they actually mean 12 Dinars necessary to buy a Dollar giving it a value similar to the Mexican Peso, twelve to the dollar?


·         As for so many meetings occurring round about last week (here, Europe, China) the subject matter was Syria, not ‘our business’, we are informed.


·         SINCLAIR: My man Sinclair (I’m claiming him now that he is done with the Hunts) says no new deal, no change in monetary and/or banking systems, not till  mid 2015. This is scary because of who is saying it. He also says Q.E. to infinity which is exactly the current activity we described above. He says GOLD will be ‘the last man standing’.


·         Why the never ending lies to the Dinar Crowd? To sell more Dinars obviously. They remind me of ‘us’ 20 years ago and here we sit. By the way I lost another ‘O’ friend,  that makes 24 for me. Can you top that? I hear they are all having cocktails on the porch in Heaven daring the NWO/Illuminati boys to show up.


·         Bix Wier says ‘the big one’-----MONETARY CRASH----in March.


·         The Fed and China are ‘acting together’. ‘ARRANGEMENTS’  have been made. I can discern no other explanation for current events.

·         TWO reporters say “Greek Default”  3-23-12 after markets close.


·         Obama has given to Russia 7 Alaskan Islands. Congress says nothing. Obama gives China 69 Patriot Missiles. Congress says nothing. Michelle and kids to Aspen, 16th vacation during first 3 years, all at taxpayer expense of course, MSM says nothing.


·         Important, I think, ‘Iranian Oil Bourse Opens 3-20-12’. Will it? Galactic’s say no Mid East war.


·         Free condoms are being handed out to 12 year olds in schools.


·         Everything is insolvent.  Countries, Banks, Municipalities, etc….Debt at all levels is being rolled over with new interest added. In other words the problem is becoming greater not smaller by the day. Interest payments increase, more and more money to the Bankers, the World Controllers. The Greek Bailout, for example, is not for Greece. They get no part of the second bailout funds of 170B, it all goes to the Banks in Europe to keep them afloat (accounting wise). Nothing is being done about the problems themselves, just can kicking till everything blows sky high. China is ‘Rolling Over’ 1.7T loaned to their Municipalities. As interest is added debt service increases. More and more to the ‘thin air’ lenders, less and less for the Sovereign’s and their citizens. Defaults not being admitted, tom foolery accounting, rollover, rollover, extend and pretend, anything to keep the SCAM going, anything not to face the music. Governments everywhere are plotting  against their own people.


·         I made this note to myself, can’t remember where I got it:   “The worlds gold was stolen and hidden away and used as collateral for secret deals”. WE THE PEOPLE were not the beneficiaries of those ‘deals’.


·         I/WE remain confident funding will occur but we can’t say when because the bad guys keep coming up with new methods of delay and the good guys are apparently unwilling to ‘Pull the Trigger’ so to speak. Selling U.S. Debt Instruments into the open market would crash the Fiat System within hours if not minutes. Perhaps ‘The World’ simply could not handle the resulting financial devastation. “He who has the gold” is not ruling. “He who controls the Banks” appears to be ruling.


                                             Casper   2-28-12   opinion