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·         Our current dictator, operating under and according to the same ‘Emergency Power Declarations’  (plus Executive Orders) as his predecessors, continues to toss around vast amounts of taxpayer provided funds to his friends as if it were candy and beads. Millions to Michelle’s 22 ‘assistants’(personal friends). Tens of millions to his 45 assistants (czars). Billions upon billions to his ‘Green Energy’  buddies even as one after another announces their bankruptcies. The taxpayer funds pumped into these entities by Obama were pilfered by the principals after which the entity then files for bankruptcy. And don’t forget the dogs private aircraft and ‘handler’, also provided at taxpayer expense. ONE TRILLION IN DEFICITS EVERY YEAR SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE INCLUDING THIS YEAR AND NEXT. More deficit spending than all previous Presidents combined. How to destroy America?  SPEND IT INTO OBLIVIAN says the written plan he and his Marxist Friends prepared prior to his election, a document now public which the ‘public’ is too lazy to read.  Billions stolen and  hidden in personal accounts scattered around the world.  And the Congressmen allowing this to happen? 174K/annually plus all the bribes they can pocket without getting caught. Plane loads of friends taken here and there at taxpayer expense. Parties and vacations, to many to count. 80 rounds of golf and counting. Air Force One or Two (depending upon which report is accurate) to London for ‘Fish and Chips’, Michelle and the Kids. And now, posted all over the internet,  Michelle spends $50,000. in a lingerie shop. One BILLION being raised for his re-election effort from those receiving untold sums of  ‘largesse from the public trough’ and looking for a repeat over coming years, not to mention Trillions for Wall Street and the very same Banks which destroyed our economy along with millions of jobs, all at taxpayer expense. Our country is being ‘looted’ while the sheep sleep. The alternative? Romney? He is ‘Obama Light’ and owned outright by the same Corporate Establishment (NWO) as Obama. A Liberal RINO, not a conservative.


·         What do you suppose caused the Corporations Georgia Judge (Obama Hearing) to reverse himself yesterday? Self-preservation?    


·         WE hear 4.7 TRILLION DOLLARS was sent to European Banks last week, moving through U.S. Banks in route. Wherever WE look we see extraordinary and secret efforts to keep the existing Fiat System alive. All Western Central Banks appear to be duplicating the Fed Printing of ‘thin air’ money.  WE do not agree with the majority of ‘messengers’ who tell you ‘they’ are simply keeping the current system running with spit and duct tape while they ready the new banking system. WE hear the new system has long been ready save and except a couple of things which must be done by the existing establishment, ‘compliance items’ if you will. WE hear Obama, the Fed and the Controllers of the Fiat World continue to block the new while providing unlimited ‘thin air’ money to their existing Fraudulent Financial Playpen and to hell with the implications to the people. In fact, WE hear, the personal wealth of the people and our country is being ‘stripped’ to support the ongoing secret bailouts of the banks and bankrupt Governments.  Worse yet, WE continue to hear that an R.V. of the IQD is an effort by Bush and allies to generate TRILLIONS to recapitalize their Fiat World and if accomplished will result in the Global Settlements and Program Disbursements being blocked permanently. You are aware by now of Obama’s  Oval Office meeting last Friday with Senior and JEB and others not shown on television. And days before that Kissinger is in China with JEB introducing him to Jinping (spelling) who is to replace Jintao this year. WE can’t prove our opinions as laid out here are right, in fact we hope they are not right. Our sources laid this Bush led IQD scenario out for us long ago when it first made news as Dinar sales lit up the internet world wide. Warehouse’s full of worthless paper, we were told at the time, being pawned off on an innocent public with the sales pitch that ‘oil in the ground’ would be used to justify a currency revaluation. Sales slow? Dump some ‘good news’ B.S. into the air waves. The interesting thing to us is that our ‘sources’, after months of knowing what others are saying, are sticking to their original investigative outcome and so far they are still 100% correct, no R.V. has occurred. This is seemingly a very critical issue. If ‘they’ obtain more Fiat Trillions from this endeavor it seems to us ‘Bad Guys Win’ or said better, they extend the Status Quo for a considerable period of time. On the other hand, if an R.V. of the Dinar is but one of 190+ currencies being simultaneously revalued  then it seems reasonable that the Fed Debt Instrument known as the ‘Dollar’ would be De-Valued dramatically perhaps explaining how ridiculously high ‘rates’ being quoted on various internet web sites could be real.   


·         Another month of ‘our deliveries are coming today’ has passed. The Chinese New Year delivery expectation didn’t pan out. The ‘Spiritual Web Sites’, you may have noticed, have begun to ‘crawfish’ (swim backwards) saying their earth allies are not getting the job done so they will switch to their ‘sacred secret societies’ for help. Other of these sites continue to praise Obama as our savior doing the will of the people. Our sources view Obama as the greatest Con Artist ever to sit in the Oval Office. They say he has been personally responsible for blocking deliveries dozens of times and that he continues to say he will never allow deliveries to happen and has even ordered certain U.S. Banks not to become Basil compliant.. By the way, many tell you of arrest taking place all over the world, specifically bankers. As we have done before we did some pretty serious inquiring and cannot find a single arrest either here or in Europe. This does not guarantee that its false intell, just that WE can’t confirm after trying hard to do so. A new line of B.S. is put out virtually every day as you surely know by now. WE are told this constant stream of disinfo originates in the U.S. with the Obama/Fed/Geithner Treasury Department Professional Disinfo Team and in China simultaneously with certain of the ‘Families’ which are aligned with Obama and his Fiat Handlers in their blocking of the new.


·         The ‘Saving of the Status Quo’ activities are visible in print and broadcast media every day. The expansion of the European Rescue Fund, the ECB doing a ‘Q.E.’ of its own taking ‘trash assets’ as collateral for its loans to European Banks, the public statements by China of their search for ways to help save the European Union/Euro, the Feds clandestine funding of Trillions of Dollars to European Banks, the ‘rolling over’ of currently due debt into new three year notes at virtually no interest are all activities designed to preserve the old, IMO, not to usher in the new. WE constantly hear of Obama remarks saying he ‘is not going to allow anything to interfere with his re-election’. The debt renegotiations with Greece and PIIGS fiasco is in the news every day. On the other hand we do not observe any public thing pointing to the ‘new’. Disregarding for a moment ALL ‘news’  except what we can openly observe, it appears to us that additional and unlimited Trillions are being disbursed in an ongoing attempt to preserve the ‘Status Quo’ with no regard whatsoever to the consequences of this Weimar like endeavor. The Fed orders Treasury to print funny money. The Fed and Treasury use various methods to move that funny money to where ever it is needed to short stop ‘systemic collapse’ of the system itself. Never mind regulations, treaties, countries or continents, or anything other than their decision to save the Fiat System at all cost. From the Fed/Treasury to Central Banks, from there to the Commercial Banks regardless their known level of corruption, from the banks to the purchase of Sovereign Debts as these PARTNERS IN CRIME go around and around with one Debt Instrument stacked atop the other, not unlike the astronomical nominal values of derivative paper stacked atop tiny assets. Roll Over Beethoven, nothing matters except the Roll Over allowing the Ponzi Fraud to continue. There are no words sufficient to describe the corruption.    


·         In our opinion the world has never seen a Con Man the equal of Obama, not even Clinton. In between his ongoing destruction of various parts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and with the help of RINO’S in Congress I might add, one SCAM is heaped atop another and this has become the daily fare in D.C.. Todays example, for example, is todays ‘Jobs Report’. 243,000 new jobs created says Obama’s and his flunky ‘six figure’ czar buddies, ‘unemployment is falling’.  Bull Chit. The report goes on to say, I am reliably advised, that there are 2 million less people working in January than in December. So how do ‘they’ pull off this magic act, this parlor trick,  as his reelection campaign gets underway?   Simple Sherlock. They declare that 2 million MORE people have stopped looking for a job and therefore no longer count as ‘unemployed’. Without the application of these SCAMS the true unemployment numbers would become known, 23% according to the highly reputable ‘Shadow Stats’ web site (last time I looked).  Another example is the Inflation Rate claimed by Obama and Bernanke. They claim it’s less than 2%. It is actually above 10% (see ShadowStats) if you use the Governments own methods of calculation before they stopped counting such ‘luxuries’ as food and fuel. Virtually all Politicians are LIARS and WHORES. Few are the equal of Obama and most of the world has awakened to the above and dozens of other examples. If I had the time and the strength I would start typing a list of Obama’s foibles, lies and scams. Perhaps someone else will? How does he LIE so convincingly of often? Sometimes I think he is a ‘wind-up doll’ spewing whatever his Marxist Handlers order him to say as they go about the business of doing exactly the opposite of what he says. Personally I view him as an extremist, a radical pawn of far left wing zealots he has been associated with all his life, whose primary goal is the changing of America from a Constitutional Republic, from Democracy, from Freedom, into a Centrally Planned Marxist Police State. He was not voted the most far left person in the Senate for no reason. The man was raised as a Communist. As the rest of the world, most of it, moves visibly to the right he is FORCING America to the left, the

·          far left, as fast as possible.


·         A two sentence summary of our current understanding is:  Washington/Obama continues to do everything humanly possible to stop deliveries and to preserve the Status Quo. The ‘WAR’ has not ended but will end soon we believe, and the outcome will be that Obama and his Fiat Controllers will have been overcome even if the truth of this is suppressed ‘for the good of the country’.



·         Have you noticed how the news has been squashed regarding the 69 Patriot Missiles seized at the Finnish Port, sent by Israel to China? Surely you realize this top secret missile technology could not be shipped to China without U.S. approval.


·         Why do you suppose China is not screaming bloody murder as Obama purposely implements policies guaranteed to further devalue the dollar (China’s reserves)? Could it be that ‘arrangements’ have been made perhaps involving the transfer of  weapons technology AND China loads up on gold, Obama destroys the dollar (and the American peoples living standards), China recovers value lost in dollar investments (U.S. Debt Instruments). China comes out on top, U.S. becomes third world, New World Order takes over the planet and Obama gets his bargained for reward in Marxist World Government. More than a Trillion Dollars in single family home equities are gone, up in smoke. Who walked free with that and still more Trillions?  Who is receiving unlimited quantities of thin air money even now? Who is being handed the bill as they spend our country into oblivion? The American people are being lowered to the lowest common denominator exactly as called for in NWO publications as far back as the 1970’s. Meanwhile our children and our education system have been so ‘dumbed down’ today’s kids can’t name their countries leaders and have been saddled with massive debts which cannot be disposed of even in bankruptcy. For a blond, a case of Scotch and an airplane ride votes were bought from Politicians who were usually so stupid they had no idea what they were signing or voting for. No one was allowed to read the Obama care bill which adds a 4% tax to the sale of your home and dozens of other things no one knew about. The Corporation is raping, robbing and pillaging the American people while the world’s greatest con artist gives weekly speeches saying one thing as his henchmen implement exactly the opposite policies.


·         This week Obama announces another program to help underwater home owners refinance and save, on average, $3000. per year in mortgage payments, he says. Recent Court Decisions in favor of homeowners and against lenders attempting to foreclose without being able to produce the note and deed of trust and also against lenders using ‘Robo-Signers’ over a period of several years has basically left the Banks and those who bought Trillions of Dollars of Mortgage Backed Securities  around the world unable to legally collect Trillions of  Mortgage Debt which goes up in smoke, borrowers win, lenders lose. What ever shall we do says Obama and the money interest he works for?  Trillions of debt is no good, can’t be collected.  Well says they, ‘we will lay a little Texas Two Step on them and they will never know what happened. FIRST we will arrange a 25 Billion Dollar ‘settlement’ with the Banks and others so ‘the people’ will conclude that we are finally doing something to the corrupt banks after all, never mind that 25B split among several banks is a ‘cup of coffee’ fine compared to the Trillions in debts the Courts have now signaled we will not be able to collect’. SECOND, ‘we will give the homeowners a way to save $3000./year by SIGNING NEW LOAN DOCUMENTS as I, Obama, come once again to their rescue. Suddenly the uncollectible and worthless debt is made new AND COLLECTIBLE as Obama bullchits the people into signing new loan documents. The Banks and Wall Street preserve Trillions in now worthless debt, Court Decisions are by-passed, the Banks pay their ‘cup of coffee’ fine and the people think Obama is a hero for ‘saving’ them $3000./year. They are CON ARTIST. They belong in Prison. FOREVER.


·         Many other ‘messengers’ are continuing to say “deliveries literally at any moment”. Let’s hope they are right ‘this time’.



                                       Casper   2-4-12   opinion


·         This is an opinion piece and contains much personal ‘speculation’.