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It’s not nearly as calm and quiet behind the scenes as you might think.

The corruption WE often write about is ‘bursting out all over’ while the ‘Powers That Be’ are doing all possible to ‘keep a lid on it’ (see White Hat Report #34, the most recent Fulford and Wilcock updates, the current Hennigan update, etc. etc.), Soooo, WE may as well join the party don’t you think?

Bank Examiners are at this time taking Bank of America apart and finding fraud, theft, bribery, etc. oozing from every window. Vast sums of ‘thin air money’ moving through U.S. Banks to Europe to bail European Banks at U.S. taxpayer expense is, we hear, ILLEGAL. The Treasury Department has been and is involved and orders from ‘on high’ are to ‘Cover it Up’, Prevent Leaks, provide a Niagara of dis-information and that is what they have been doing. The Government is trying to SQUASH the Bank Examiners while Moynihan and the others compare notes at Davos. Treasury has been ‘Busted’. The ORDERS to ‘suppress’ come from very high up, very high up.

The New Banking System has not been ‘opened’. All accounts here ,there and everywhere remain ‘locked down’. Washington continues to block the new using extreme measures to do so. The WAR is ongoing.

The IQD R.V. has not happened. OUR position has not changed, we hear from ‘sources’ it is a financial scam led by Senior, Clinton, Obama and others to obtain funds to continue the ‘Status Quo’. How much money do you suppose ‘they’ have already collected from their worldwide sales of warehouse’s full of worthless Dinars? Which of the corrupt ‘Leaders’ in Iraq do you suppose are in on the scam, assuming it is a scam? It seems to us that should an R.V. occur under the current Fiat Banking System the ‘Bad Guys’ will have recapitalized ‘the status quo’ and would then block the Global Settlements and Program Disbursements permanently. For this reason WE view any R.V. as possible only AFTER the new Banking System is opened up. And by the way, those of you who have believed in the R.V. literally at any moment for the past year if not longer, where do you expect the money to come from to back, said R.V.? Iraq has no such funds and that is public knowledge. So you are going to walk into a Bank and say, here are my Dinars, pay me? Where is the Bank to obtain the funds to pay you? Do you think they pay you then send the dinars to Iraq? Iraq has no serious monetary reserves.

That’s why our original report on this subject six or eight months ago said (sources said) Bush and his corrupt allies are trying to use Iraq’s ‘oil in the ground’ to back an R.V. of their Dinar.

If that were allowed what do you think every third world country in the world with mineral deposits would immediately demand?

Casper 1-26-12