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After reading yesterday’s update last night I realized there were some things I failed to report, so here goes:


1.)    Our sources in Europe and China say the Fed is not down as others have reported and that most of the money being distributed to Euro Banks by the ECB is originating at the Fed.


2.)    Sources in China say that many ‘messengers’ in the U.S. get their intell from ‘The Families’, also known as ‘The Mountain Tribes’, who, until very recently, thought they had the power to ‘force things out the door’ (get things underway) and only now have come to realize they do not have the power to ‘turn the valve/open the spigot’ and that this accounts for much of the dis/mis/info over the last few months.


3.)    Our sources have always said, and continue to say, Obama is at the forefront of all blockages, that he does not want anything to fund (absolutely nothing) and views that possibility (and the exposures it entails) as a death sentence for his re-election campaign. Although WE have EYES and EARS sufficient to see and hear Obama’s never ending attacks upon historical America and his intentional blockage of deliveries, WE have always had sources around the world confirming our observations that he will do anything to block deliveries. Over time there have been dozens of such sources contributing to the opinions offered here.


4.)    These same ‘Far East’ sources say emphatically there can be no R.V. of the currencies, including the IQD, until the new banking system has opened up.


5.)    The new asset backed banking system is also known as, in whispered tones, ‘the owners system’. It appears to us, it is our opinion and observation, that all attempts to reconcile the old and the new, Fiat vs. Asset Backed Banking, have failed, leaving the outright and total defeat of the Fiat World Controllers the only option UNLESS the ‘negotiations’ referred to in the most recent Fulford update bear fruit. Again WE say, as we have so many times before, ‘who controls the printing press’ is the key issue, in our opinion. If the affiliated Fiat Central Banks of the world can continue to create unlimited amounts of ‘thin air money’, preserving themselves in power a while longer with no consideration of the cost to humanity (hyper-Inflation), then it seems to us the WAR will continue until they have completely exhausted any remaining value in the dollar and the world refuses to accept more of them. This is already occurring in many places as reported in the daily news. This would mean that Obama et al have opted for a complete, total and devastating crash, worldwide in scope, rather than surrender. As WE have stated several times over time, we view Obama as the most dangerous man ever to occupy the oval office, a man who does not work for America or the American people. He works for a Corporation which is controlled by ‘The Money Interest’. He has 45 extremely radical Czars working around the clock to ‘change’ America into his vision of a Communist/Socialist Utopia. As he moves in this direction signing into law one after another over rides of the Constitution, creating a Police State at break neck speed, blocking deliveries and the new banking system,  40 plus percent of the people remain unable to observe what is happening to them, their country and their grandchildren. WE hear, this week, that the ‘bad guys’ are only now beginning to recognize that they are leading the world into a bottomless pit, total economic/financial destruction, and may finally be looking for a way out as the headline of Fulfords update implies.


6.)     Those in China who thought they could access the funds and therefore filled D.C.’s ears and various messengers ears full of B.S. have now learned their codes don’t work, they have no access and their high and mighty opinions of themselves are now in the toilet. It appears to this reporter that this reality is now making itself known as the funds to back the various statements by world financial leaders are not becoming available as expected. Listen carefully and maybe you can hear the resultant fussing and fighting from across the pond?


7.)    Some of the above is what we hear, some is ‘reading between the lines’ and some of it is ‘informed speculation’.



                                              Casper   1-19-12