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To those inquiring about our MIA status, WE thank you. Nothing is wrong here, we had a nice Christmas and continued with our ‘observation’ of current events. Our ‘news’ has remained negative while many many other messengers have continued to report ‘good’ news week after week. Since WE don’t enjoy being the ‘wet blanket’ we have not been motivated to report negative news so we have followed the positive reports like you, hoping they would be correct.

WE continue to hear that the ‘Fiat Establishment’ is blocking the new and this includes Obama. Today for example, this very day, our news from the Far East and Europe says that Sarkozy, the Fed and Obama are still demanding virtually all funds for themselves to pay off all European Countries Sovereign Debt, to pay off all Euro Bank Debts and then to zero out both sides of all derivatives transactions worldwide with the people receiving leftovers, if any. Is this true and accurate intell? WE don’t know for sure. It comes from very high levels or we would not report it here. WE hear similarly negative news almost every day while also hearing the good news from other messengers, knowing they are sincere and hoping they will be right ‘this time’.

There are so many things we could write about but frankly we are without motivation right now. Should we discuss the replacement of duly elected Government Officials around the world with unelected Bureaucrats and Bankers? Or the ECB providing Euro Banks with $650.B last week which could only have come from the Fed just as we previously reported to you they were doing? Perhaps we should discuss Israel’s shipment of 69 Patriot anti-missile missiles to China as discovered at a Finnish Port last week? Is this more of the Obama/Hillary ‘sell-out’ of America as reported so many times before including Eminent Domain of all Federal Lands and Buildings and the continuing ‘transfer’ of our most sophisticated weapons technology to China using Israel as the ‘go-between’? Should we discuss the multiple unfolding scenario’s leading to World War III which are now daily news? Do you recall previous updates from years ago discussing how the U.S. forced Japan into WW II by cutting off their energy supplies? So now the sanctions on Iran are causing them to threaten the closure of the Straight’s which would surely lead to WW III with Russia and China siding with Iran. Or would you rather discuss the passage, as demanded by Obama and voted for by 90 Senators of both parties, the new D.O.D. bill authorizing the use of the military domestically (no more posse comitatus) and the arrest of American’s on American soil, shipping them to GITMO without trial, without a lawyer, with no rights whatsoever? Obama’s cancellation of the Bill of Rights and arresting anyone anywhere at any time in his sole discretion? Or maybe the 4 Billion $$ still flowing from the Fed to domestic banks every day at 4 A.M. as previously reported to you? Or the unfolding Civil War in Iraq causing Petreus and others to spend their holiday dealing with Maliki, the Shia who issued an arrest warrant for his own Vice President, a Sunni, followed by bombs and death everywhere as the incompetent Obama ‘pulls out’ leaving NO troops behind, decisions made only for his personal political expediency? And now, now that he has publically fulfilled his campaign promises to his Communist/Socialist Constituency he is, ever so secretly, already issuing ‘redeployment orders’ for the military to redeploy to Iraq on March 1st making him a Bald Faced Liar in addition to his other profound short comings. How do WE know? Because FRIENDS in the Military have received the orders. Or perhaps WE should discuss the non-R.V. of the Iraqi Dinar? Or perhaps we should discuss Obama pulling virtually all Nat’l Guard off our Southern Border while simultaneously suing two States because they dare to pass laws to detain and deport illegal aliens or to ask for any I.D. whatsoever at a polling station? Do you not understand, can you not observe without anyone’s else’s help, Obama’s throwing open the borders and our voting booths? Or perhaps we should discuss Eric Holder, a disgrace to the nation and that particular D.C. Sewer known as ‘The Justice Department’ which is the joke of the century. The ‘cover-up’ of criminality at all levels of Government is the primary endeavor of the Justice Department. Or perhaps we should discuss the unbelievable financial/banking scams underway in most Western Nations, especially in the U.S., with the full knowledge, co-operation and protection of the Western Governments? If Banks were not allowed by Government to inflate ‘asset’ values with ‘Mark to Model’ valuations and utterly corrupt Government mandated Fraudulent Accounting Practices not one major American or European Bank could remain ‘technically solvent’ as every one of them are currently bankrupt. The media are in on this massive scam and are TRAITORS swimming in the same sewer as the Bankers and the Politicians (spit). And the bonuses continue as do the liabilities being passed onto the heads of generations of yet unborn Americans. Or perhaps we should discuss again the phoniness and outright lies of the Governments Statistics provided monthly to the people such as the lie that unemployment is around 9%. It is closer to 21%. Housing sales reported to you over the years were quietly reduced last week, down 11% for 2007 from what was reported at that time, 2008 down 16%, 2009 down 16%. The ‘Government’ ( a Corporation, a Criminal Enterprise), will lie to you even if/when the truth would serve them better. Or, how about the 546B provided to Europe by the Fed at 1% interest? This also once again demonstrates who controls the ‘Printing Press’(figure of speech). Or, how about Obamas FOUR MILLION DOLLAR VACATION in Hawaii at taxpayer expense while Pelosi stays nearby in her Suite which cost $10,000. per night. Maybe they are working on Pelosi’s Husbands ‘no-bid’ contracts for next year like those for hundreds of millions of dollars he previously received. OR, we might discuss the news from Europe saying the Italian auction week before last and the Spanish auction last week were both oversubscribed. Now who do you suppose is buying all this toxic debt a week after the German Auction and the Rescue Fund Auction both failed? WE can’t prove it but five will get you ten it was the Fed and the ECB or Primary Dealers buying for them. Where else, other than the ‘printing press’, could all this money have come from? I maintain this is all very visual, very visible evidence of the Status Quo continuing to save itself on the backs of the people worldwide which is the polar opposite of the anticipated defeat of the Cabal/Banking Cartel. OR, we could discuss why Corzine is walking the streets free as a bird. Over a Billion of taxpayer dollars MIA and the Politician/Goldman Sachs CEO walks free. OR, we could discuss the ‘First Rail’ vs. the ‘Second Rail’ as we have done so many times before? The Bankers see ‘Ghost Screens’. The funds shown there are not liquid, WE are informed. The Banks can and do play with, move computer digits around, even from Country to Country but those ‘computer digits’ are not liquid. And, those “Second Rail’ Bankers, Trustees, etc. can not ‘liquefy’ those funds/digits, only the ‘First Rail’ decision makers can do that. This has been our ‘understanding’ for many years and we have reported this to you a dozen or more times. There are First Rail ‘good guys’ and’ bad guys’ at war at these highest levels and the bad guys ( mostly American and G-5 Corporate Traitors) are simultaneously waging war against the American People using Obama and the D.C. Politicians as their Gestapo. These NWO Politicians and Banker/Bastards have used Bribes, Blackmail, even Murder to retain control of the world they structured. Greece is but one of many examples where the blood sucking banking bastards are imposing draconian ‘austerity’ while simultaneously demanding and getting interest payments sufficient to bankrupt the country just as they have done to dozens of countries the world over. Congress has the power to shut down the Fed immediately and the authority/law/Constitution to issue its own interest free currency. Instead the Politicians (spit) are forcing the people and the country to knuckle under to the NWO Bankers. We already pay hundreds of billions annually in interest payments. As Obama continues borrowing and spending more and more Trillions (3.7 T so far, as I recall) the U.S. will become/is already becoming, a third world nation completely under the thumb of the Money Interest which controls Obama, Sarkozy, Merkel, the U.S. Senate, etc.. OR, we could discuss why the Central Banks are no better off than the Commercials, case in point: The ECB claims 3.2T in assets (pure baloney) which it has ‘leveraged’ into 96T, (30:1). Now, today, in spite of the previous sentence, Big Commercial Banks in Europe are moving their funds from their own Banks into Central Banks which demonstrates the worries and the expected outcome for European Banks.

Above are just a few of the many visible things going on around the world almost all of which is negative. Throw in matters such as Solyndra and other ‘Green Companies’(more billions) funded by Obama and now going bankrupt, TSA, HLS, Govt. Sponsored Weapons shipments to MS-13 and Mexican Drug Cartels and Obama’s incredible ability to mesmerize 40% of the American people while saying one thing publically and doing exactly the opposite thing when he leaves the stage, then perhaps you can see why my motivation to write is waning. The U.N. is corrupt. The leader of the U.N (Moon) is corrupt. UBS and Credit Suisse are corrupt. Deutsche and Chase and B.of A. are corrupt. The Fed and UST are corrupt. Police Departments are being ‘Militarized’. Appalling abuse of Tasers and Pepper Spray by cops with many innocent citizens dying at their hands, one strapped naked to a chair while being Pepper Sprayed until he died. Consequences? None whatsoever. Tens of thousands of people moving to D.C. to ‘get on with the Government’ where Obama and his 45 Czars are paying six figure salaries to all manner of flunkies. Border patrol agent arrested for having an illegal alien raise his arms above his head. FEMA camps and the letting of support contracts by FEMA discovered and made public. Body bags and massive amounts of ‘Food Stuffs’ being purchased by FEMA. D.C. Republicans united with the Democrats saying Ron Paul must be stopped or else ‘he will spill our punch bowl’. Shall I continue? No, it is just too depressing. Meanwhile we are in the 25th year of my awareness of all the ‘Spiritual Web-Sites and E-Mails’ telling us how they are going to do something, how they are going to overcome the cabal. 25 years. Can you name one visible tangible thing they have done? One? Neither can I .

All that is visible is negative from our point of view. As always that leaves the invisible to speculate with and WE agree with the other messengers regarding the eventual outcome although our timing expectations may be different. The bad guys can’t win. They have done a remarkable job causing delay but they can’t win. Let’s see what if anything happens this week and next. If necessary WE will report again late next week.

Merry belated Christmas Ho Ho Ho.

Casper 12-28-11