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Contact was made at 11:30 last night with one of the good guys who has been KIDNAPPED and taken hostage by the CLINTONS and their Goon Squad. Bill and Hillary have both been 'in the room'.
They are demanding copies and/or codes to the accounts which this person does not possess. A statement was made that they have 'done away with people before, that this would not be the first time'.  This morning this mans cell phone is being answered by the Goons/Kidnappers. Hillary is also demanding THE DOCUMENTS from the Austrian Delegation which has told her to 'go straight to hell'. She thought they had brought the originals with them and was determined to confiscate them. She then said she would have the originals stolen from the Austrian Archives  not realizing those are laser copies also, not the originals.
WE know exactly where the kidnapped person and Delegation is located and who is holding them 'so you may as well release him and them'.
The Austrian Delegation is also being held by the Clintons at the same location.
More when possible.
                     casper   11-13-10