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Reflect the sale of all United States Gov't Buildings, Lands and Assets to the Hapsburgs in 1913. They subsequently transferred ownership to the Austrian Gov't. This sale included The White House, The Pentagon, The Supreme Court and The Treasury Buildings. It included all Military Bases in the U.S. and all Military Equipment including Ships, Planes, etc. and included ALL Federal Lands. It involved the takeover of our Court Systems by Admiralty (Maritime) Law and the suspension/cancellation of the U.S. Constitution.
These DOCUMENTS have been AUTHENTICATED and true and correct copies are in the hands of 'the Countries', The Courts, The Military, JAG, Etc.. Copies of the Incorporation Documents for the U.S. Corporation are also in the hands of the Courts and the Countries.
For the last three days the heads of the Austrian and Swiss Governments have been detained in D.C., their movements restricted, their planes blocked on the ground by HLS and the Military, communications between the tower and the planes cut off. This morning the Austrians and Swiss, attempting to get the Trigger Packs out for delivery were blocked by the Military which was instructed to stop them at any cost.
THE DOCUMENTS, or aspects thereof, have been signed by all Presidents including Obama. These Documents are to be exposed to the American People which is the reason for the desperate efforts to stop the deliveries and in turn the release of the Documents. All involved in and with the Incorporated Federal Government including the Military are desperate to retain the Status Quo and themselves in power. The Courts had given them 45 days to vacate the buildings owned by others. That time frame expired yesterday. They had been ordered to vacate taking only their Personal Possessions with them. The Court says these rulings WILL BE ENFORCED.
THREATS AGAINST PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS ARE CONTINUING while those discussed above continue to be detained.
More when possible.
                    casper  11-9-10   #2