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"It isn't right what they are doing but they have no choice" is the way Jim Sinclair describes current Fed Actions.
"In for a penny in for a pound" and "they are doubling down" and "they are tripling down" I previously wrote.
Once the original decision was made to throw 1.7T of taxpayer funds at the most corrupt Banks and Wall Street Securitization Houses it became impossible to reverse the decision, to put the toothpaste back into the tube. Not that 'they' had any desire to do so as it was the only possible route to saving their Fraudulent Financial Playpen. Now stage two, QE II, to the tune of another 900B begins and will not end next June as the Fed says, it will go on indefinitely until the economy recovers or total collapse sinks their Pirate Ship. Bernake testified to Congress he 'would not monetize the debt" now he is doing exactly that publicly no longer attempting to hide was he was already doing by providing Fed thin air funds to Foreign Central Banks and Hedge Funds to buy Treasuries on the sly. Bernake is a liar of the first order.
As this ongoing Ponzi Scam unfolds the consequences to the average person can hardly be over stated. Their toilet paper Dollar will continue to fall, the prices of food, energy and all else will continue to increase and 'the people' will become more and more impoverished. Already Gold is up dramatically and coffee, sugar, grains, etc., are screaming higher because of the Feds action. American living standards will continue to deteriorate as 'we' are intentionally 'brought down' to third world status demanding that 'they' save us from that which they intentionally created. Meanwhile each new 'helping' of taxpayer funded debt and liabilities provides still another 'helping' of exorbitant bonuses for the Wall Street Criminals and their Political Pawns in both Parties. They pocketed Billions during the original Securitization Merry-Go-Round, hundreds of Millions more from QE I now the Blood Suckers will have still another party at taxpayer expense with QE II. In fact they are celebrating a hundred years of screwing our country this weekend at the place where it all began, Jekyll Island, Georgia (Greenspan and Bernake are the speakers). After drafting the Federal Reserve Act there they 'purchased' another great 'Progressive', Woodrow Wilson, who later acknowledged he had 'sold his country down the river'. Once the original Q.E. decision was made ( 1.7 T plus Tarp/Stimulus, etc.=3.5T plus 900B QE II=4.4T) the funds flowed into the black hole of Insolvent Banks and Bonuses never to be seen again. The people are left with the increased Debt Service and the Banks are just as insolvent as they ever were continuing to exist only because of Corrupt Accounting Practices and the need to keep them alive as co-creators of the ongoing Ponzi. The insiders are left with free and clear first, second and third homes and millions in the Bank. What a deal, profits privatized, losses socialized.
I lead with the above today because it represents a continuation of the status quo. It is definitive notice to the world that the Dollar and therefore the Dollar Reserves of other countries will continue to be intentionally debased. And, IMO, it is proof positive the FED, regardless of who owns it, is continuing with Business as Usual which is in itself an 'announcement' of sorts. Add to this the Elections, to the extent they were an excuse for delay, are now behind us and we must wonder Where the Hell is the New?  
The last 'hard news' from the sources I trust was Monday afternoon saying the packs were still in D.C. at that time. That was after all the 'action' at the D.C. airport over the weekend when Hillary said "someone must have the guts to stop this". Stop what? Stop the new. Stop the exposures. Stop anything interfering with the plans of the Illuminati/Corporation/NWO/Octopus. The only news since then has been the usual 'Tuesday through Thursday' which has followed every weekend since the beginning of time. 
So what is 'really' going on Casper?
I don't know. So I will GUESS.
Although other parts of 'WE' are MIA, my guess is they are Okay and "taking care of business".
I suspect the sabotage has continued and overcoming it has also continued.
There might be additional 'secret negotiations' delaying things.
There may have been still more money/banking problems to overcome.
There may be extemporaneous events, perhaps in other countries that had to be dealt with. 
Yours or mine, 'guesses' are plentiful----and meaningless.
I once wrote 'the bigger the deal the less likely it is to fall apart'. Deals don't get any bigger than this one. Silence is no reason to assume it has fallen apart.
A more likely possibility is that this is a time when silence is in everyone's best interest and all windows and doors (lines of communication) have intentionally been shut down including my own.
This is my assumption and I suggest you use it until /unless we hear otherwise.
As for the Fed and its activities we should expect all to look 'normal' until the light switch is flipped.
Should reason arise to question the above I will report same promptly, otherwise we wait together for the next development.
                     casper   11-4-10   opinion