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The packs were out for delivery again yesterday hence the positive remarks at that time.
They were pulled back to D.C. during the afternoon yesterday but were out again over night supposedly for delivery today, hence the positive remarks this morning.
They have AGAIN been pulled back to the Supreme Court by Obama, Roberts and Hillary.
Again they are screaming 'we will never be allowed to receive them'.
Hillary says should we ever receive them she will take them from us by force.
She is super pissed that she was unable to obtain the all important "newspaper clippings" on her trip abroad.
You might say Mr. Big Shot Otto has a bad case of indigestion today.
Obama has promised several countries including and especially India OUR FUNDS saying he will have several QUADS for them prior to landing next week.
He has booked 800 plus rooms and the entire Taj Mahal. He is taking 40 airplanes, 3 helicopters and both Air Force One's, and 45 vehicles...All this for a 3 day visit.
How are you doing with your food stamps and job hunting? Have WE not told you the man is CRAZY?
Other nations, other than the several others he has also promised our funds to, are super super super pissed. They continue to say 'this crap ends now'.
The packs have been retrieved from the Court by the good guys this afternoon.
How they will get them to us remains the question.
More when possible,
                       casper   10-28-10   #2
P.S. A TARGETED MESSAGE:   WE can assure INDIA and the other countries still buying Obama's Snake Oil they will NEVER receive the funds being promised to them by him.
He has been trying 24/7 since being elected to steal the funds without success .
It ain't gonna happen.