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Habsburg is super pissed. He was using an alias in D.C. and didn't think his activities and mis-appropriation of Trillions would be discovered. Sorry Big Shot, WE have kept an eye on you for a long time.
The Countries Finance Ministers have had it with the Riff Raft" in D.C. and say 'this crap ends now'.
Hillary is flying around the world trying to locate and obtain certain 'newspaper clippings'. She has been denied access everywhere. "You would not have to make such a trip Hillary if you and yours had not destroyed the copies in D.C.".
SDO, sitting on a three judge panel at the Ninth Circuit yesterday, ruled that voters do not have to show I.D. in order to vote. Nevermind the need for I.D. in every other walk of life. What she has done is illegal and unconstitutional.
Heads up friends,
                          casper   10-28-10