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The packs were diverted again today to the Corporate Supreme Court on orders of John Roberts.
A member of "the good guys", involved in meetings with 'the bad guys' the last couple of days,  HAS BEEN PICKED UP ON THE DIRECT ORDERS OF JOHN ROBERTS.
NOTICE: This man can not access or move the accounts.
'They' are still trying to move all accounts and funds to Bundesbank to facilitate their THEFT. This effort is by OBAMA, JOHN ROBERTS, THE QUEEN, QUEEN BEATRIX, MERKLE, THE VATICAN, THE BUNDESBANK OFFICIALS, ETC..
They will do anything--ANYTHING--to move and STEAL all funds.
The MIA Good Guy is useless to their endeavor but that has not stopped JOHN ROBERTS and his employers from 'picking him up' and God only knows what else.
                       casper   10-26-10  #2  urgent update