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Had they succeeded it would have been all over, 'the wheels would have come off' as this gold, located in Austria, is an important part of the foundational assets underlying the new metals backed banking system and the programs. This was a coordinated attempt by those mentioned above to kill the new and continue the status quo.
Those of you with 'sources' claiming 'money movements' this weekend should especially take note as this is still another example of the 'cover stories' put out by 'the establishment' to mislead you as to what was really going on this weekend.
By their own admission 'the new' will result in all of the corrupt Ponzi Players being gone so they will try anything, ANYTHING at all to preserve the status quo and themselves in power.
The above sabotage efforts have been blocked and dealt with, the gold remains in Austria.
More when possible,
                    Casper   10-24-10