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All paperwork/Documents being used by the Queen and the Swiss to claim ownership of America are forgeries. Many of those Documents, besides being forged, had been altered in favor of the Queen. The Swiss were actually in bed with the Queen using forged Documents themselves. The Documents held in the Vatican are also forgeries. The true and correct Documents were located in Austria. They have now been 'Authenticated' by the U.S. Corporate Supreme Court and The World Court after using paper, ink and various other test and analysis.
These Documents, as previously reported, will be made available to the American people soon, very soon. They are in the U.S. right now.
The packs, out again for delivery today, were again ordered returned to the Court in D.C. by John Roberts. As a result, the 'Good Military' has now stepped up to the plate and taken charge of deliveries saying they will get them into place for deliveries beginning tonight.
Her Ladyship has been living 'high on the hog' at U.S. taxpayer expense, blackmailing the U.S. for almost a century. This is why she was fond of referring to us as 'her subjects'.
                  casper   10-21-10