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We all knew the Congress is owned outright by the Banks, the current question is why did Obama reverse on a dime after attempting to steal all funds to save the Banks?
Answer unknown.
You can bet your last dollar, given his activities to date, he did not 'get religion' at the last minute.
Obama acted against the existing Financial/Money Interest/Banks who were trying to find a way to use self generated B.S. paper and 'approvals' to continue foreclosing 3000 homes per month. Obama's refusal to go along with it will result, IMO, as previously reported, in the collapse of the Banks and the hundreds of Trillions of OTC Derivatives stacked atop the underlying Mortgages which can not be foreclosed.
The reasonable view, IMO. is that all the Financial Entities involved in the years of defrauding the Investors in the Derivatives worldwide will get their 'come-uppance' in due course. This particular 'escape route' for the lenders, supported by the Corporate Congress, has been closed off by Obama's refusal to sign off for those he has been in bed with all along.
Answer unknown.
My best guess is that it does not represent any kind of 'role reversal' by Obama especially in view of ongoing blockages by him as recently as today. Therefore, IMO, it does not matter whether he was 'forced' or did it for 'image' reasons or whatever, the important thing is that the crooks proposed escape route got blocked. 
                   casper   10-9-10  opinion