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So much has happened since our last update on the 19th. There was something new every day causing us to wait time and again for still more Intel before reporting. Most of it is included herein, that which is not is also in our favor.
A combination of events have held up deliveries. Various 'stashes' of stolen funds have been located and retrieved. Auditors have had their hands full as one discovery after another was made. Then, over the weekend, it was discovered that more than 1200 cards had been issued to those in D.C. and elsewhere containing stolen funds which would have been accessible when we accessed. Some of these bogus cards had balances into the 'B's'. Most if not all of the D.C. Politicians were involved.
Then, yesterday, the 'mother lode' was located, stolen funds which had been hoarded over the last ten years by all the usual suspects working together including Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, Merkle, Sarkozy, the Queen, the Vatican, the Banks, and others. These funds were 'buried' very deep and had been 'rolling and rolling' for years. All these 'stashes', including another one uncovered this morning and the Mother Lode Stash, when added together, approximate 200 Quads, an inconceivable amount of money. Those mentioned, collectively known as the Illuminati, intended to use these funds to Capitalize their New World Order. Fully two thirds of our funds would have 'disappeared' upon access had their plans succeeded and they intended to steal the remainder as well intending, as 'they' have stated so many times, 'to see us in hell' before they would allow us to receive packs or funds.
China, the other Countries and indeed the World have been 'stunned' by the amounts of money and the crimes involved. Those Countries formerly siding with Obama and the Criminal Cabal in D.C. and the others mentioned have now turned against them, siding with 'us' and wanting the deliveries completed ASAP.
Although it will take two weeks for the Auditors to complete their work on these newly discovered funds this is not expected to delay deliveries further. The 1200 plus cards in the hands of the CRIMINALS have been confiscated and/or made worthless.
 A third Tribunal had been put into place last week replacing the first two. They promptly joined some of the previous Tribunal Judges in the attempts to stop deliveries and steal the funds. They succeeded for a few days but have now been recalled by their respective Countries and are no longer 'in business'.
As one after another of these Tribunals have shown themselves to be corrupt and available for bribery as did the World Court and the U.N. before them, the issue arises 'who will try' the Criminals. WE SUGGEST THE LEGITIMATE PROGRAM RECIPIENTS MAKE UP THE JURIES and WE are doing so Publicly and Privately.  
As serious as all this is, note that WE are reporting 'after the fact'. The above matters have been or are being dealt with. Needless to say there are many in D.C. now taking headache pills and anti-depressants.
Things are looking good friends, time for another 'heads up'.
                        casper   8-24-10