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The packs went back to the Pentagon again this time on orders from Hillary and the Queen who also ordered the Pentagon to destroy the packs.
The Tribunal has informed Hillary, Obama, the head of Brinks, etc. etc. etc. they have been 'tried and found guilty' and that all will serve their sentences over there.
The packs have been retrieved and the carriers informed that if they fail to deliver late today they will be taken to the Tribunal. The carriers say they will deliver.
'They' have been demanding all night that all except a very small portion of the funds go to them saying that we 'don't know what to do with the funds and they do'. Asked how they expected to get into our accounts after years of failure they said 'let us worry about that, we will force the recipients'. They were told 'no way in hell' they would ever be allowed to do that.
The Queen and Charles are so far in debt they don't know what to do. Obama and the Military and those in the Pentagon have been told that if the packs return there again they will all be arrested and taken to the Tribunal and that all of them already found guilty including Obama and the head of Brinks will serve their sentences.
The carrier has the packs and they are moving.  
                           casper   8-6-10