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The World Court and the Tribunal are now saying they are sorry but we will never receive the packs. As Obama & The Pentagon said, they have turned out to be all talk and no action. Those they claimed had been 'picked up' are walking around free. Gutless, yellow, chicken chit---you choose the adjectives. They deny they have been 'bought' (?) so 'threats and blackmail' are the two other methods usually employed by the Evil Monsters who will do anything, anything at all, to maintain themselves in power.
The Nations insist they must be paid which would mean 'us' first but they are taking no discernable actions.
The 'bad guys' can not get into the funds so they are taking the position they will continue the Fiat Status Quo regardless of the outcome. They would rather see the funds 'just sit there' rather than allow 'the people' to receive any money which would cost them 'CONTROL'.
Rumors of 'Packs delivered' which have been quite prevalent since the middle of last week are originated by the 'ABC' boys.
This Intel from the World Court and the Tribunal.
                         casper   8-2-10