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Our packages, out for delivery today, have been ordered back to D.C. by a World Court Judge working for the Queen.This time it was other than the English Judge who is her usual Flunky.
Since Friday Merkle and Obama have attempted 25 trades as the Queen simultaneously tried one under the cover of the Merkle attempts.
Having failed to access our accounts after months of attempts by OBAMA, Gates, the Pentagon, Merkle, the CIA and Hackers of every stripe and color the Queen has now attempted to get the United Nations to seize our funds and Stop The World Court from pursuing the class action lawsuit.
The Queen says she and Obama must have our funds, that their survival and their Banks survival is at stake. She wanted the U.N. to forcibly take possession of our funds. She also attempted to entice the head of the U.N. to cooperate in another trade attempt this morning. She insisted that all money in all programs is "The Kingdom's Money"
Meanwhile the U.S. representative to the United Nations on instructions from OBAMA attempted to get the U.N. to seize our funds and transfer them to Obama. Also, the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, is in on this conspiracy and attempted scam saying the funds belong to the Kingdom and should therefore be transferred as she instructs.
The Queen has been informed that none of those mentioned above will ever be able to break into our accounts and that every trade attempt will continue to be blocked no matter who initiates them. She was told the funds belong to the people, not her, that they can't help her and that she would not receive one red cent of other peoples money. Then she was asked, 'if this money belongs to the Kingdom as you say why don't you just transfer it to yourself'?
The World Court has been ordered by those in a position to do so to proceed with deliveries and the lawsuit, that they are to get the deliveries done tonight and any further interference by them will result in them occupying the same jail as the rest of the criminals.
Now we wait.
                       casper   7-6-10