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CASPER - JUNE 15, 2010 - NEWS

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The packs are once again in D.C. on orders of Obama who continues to say, again and again, 'we will never receive the packs, he will not allow it'.  Successive 'China Men' arriving in D.C./New York and found to be corrupt, working with and for Obama and the corrupt Banks to steal our funds, has been an ongoing problem.
It seems I recall reporting that Mr. Big Cheese was granted asylum by Obama so as not to return home to face the 'music'.
He was located today and is now on his way home.
Forget ever seeing the packs says Obama TODAY.
Twice TODAY Obama has approached BP for funds (not oil spill funds). Twice, TODAY. The answer was NO.
B. of A. first scammed the cards and after that the checks in the packages. It was set up so that smaller checks than appropriate were put into the packs then when those checks hit the clearinghouse the larger correct check would be sent thru with them pocketing the difference. More importantly they would then have our account numbers and the real "party" could begin, theft on a massive scale. Variations of this have been going on for the past week.
B. of A., with the help of Goldman Sachs, has been stealing funds from various Corporations in this manner for years. More than one T has been stolen in this manner with Obama speeding things up since he took over the Corporation. That's where Obama has been getting his money for 'operations'. Needless to say many Corporations are into the record keeping and are none to happy to learn of this.  
An attempted trade was allowed to go through about a week ago then the proceeds of that and other monies were seized totaling 1.3Quads. Ten Banks were involved, the trade was three times bigger than this but 1.3Q was what the China Man and Obama had 'stashed', or rather, thought they had stashed. These funds (1.3Q)  were to be deposited to our accounts, and have been,  but the Big Cheese China Man Dragon was trying to steal them every step of the way in cooperation with Obama, the Banks and who knows who else. As a result of all this B.of A. (private banking) will be closed as early as tonight. Goldman will be shut down in due course. Brinks and Loomis will also be shut down as a result of their sabotage as reported here so often.
'Will not allow' screams Obama. Right now he has the packs "locked down" in Treasury.
Today Obama has told those working for us on the Supreme Court and the World Court that he will not allow the funding, that they can all go to hell, that he is the President, that he is the King, that he is above everybody and everything else, that no one can do anything to him, that he is above the law, that he can even have others eliminated without repercussions.
Does any of this surprise you? Have WE not been reporting EXACTLY THIS to you for more than a year?
Not to worry friends. More "replacements" arrived early this morning, more this afternoon and a really big bunch tonight. 'No More' says the World. We have had enough of this and will tolerate no more.
                        casper   6-15-10
p.s. Just got word the packs have just now been retrieved from Treasury.