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  The packs were out again for delivery today, the sabotage had supposedly ended so WE thought it best to maintain silence this week. Overnight the sabotage has continued so to heck with the silence.
The first thing to understand is that all the usual suspects, including several countries, are involved and always, always Obama. The second thing is to grasp that 'they' try to cover their ongoing acts of sabotage with orchestrated disinformation, a blizzard of disinformation, and the third thing is to realize their three primary motivations which are 1) to stop the Metals Backed Banking System and to preserve the Fiat Banking System, 2) To obtain the funds, all funds, for themselves while stopping the 'people' from receiving their funds and 3) to stop the Announcements which lead to a variety of exposures and their undoing.
Last night the Carrier, again Brinks, was ordered by certain Countries and others to take the packs to New York rather than to recipients and that's what they did. History proves the intell provided here to be correct, stopping these particular packs stops all else. It is the delivery of these packs which 'trigger' announcements and the new Gold Backed Banking and Monetary System.
Earlier in the week with the packs literally enroute to recipients it was learned the cards themselves had again been 'compromised', had to be replaced and were replaced causing a delay of several days. Chips had been put into the cards, some by the Pentagon, some by the Banks and some by Geithner himself. All cards were destroyed and replaced with new cards. The most prevalent 'cover story' during this period was the trading and subsequent distribution of funds made from a 500B Gold Certificate possessed by 'the Frenchman' and/or Bush Senior. This instrument was/is Counterfeit, no Bank would accept it and the entire storyline was an excuse for ongoing delays and a cover story for what was actually happening.
Also during this period and especially during the last 24 hours,stories that Obama is to be charged with embezzlement, crimes against the American people, etc.  were put out. In the long run this may well be the case but in this instance it is part of the blizzard of disinformation.
Also during this period revocation of the Charters of the big domestic banks has been prevalent. While true this is simply part of the process of changing from Fiat to Gold Backed Banks and has nothing to do with the delivery delays, again a 'cover story' used as an excuse for the delays.
What has happened this week is nothing new just a continuation of what has been going on for months as reported here so often that being SABOTAGE by all the usual suspects attempting to maintain the status quo and their Fraudulent Financial Playpen no matter the cost to the Country or the World.
Corrective actions are underway.
                          casper   5-21-10