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   For 24 hours it briefly appeared her Ladyship might have 'found religion', but to tell you the truth WE would not allow 'each other' to fall for it even when she arrived today supposedly to follow through on those items contained in last nights update. She was also supposedly scattering her own 'delivery personnel' around the country to overcome the UPS problem. WE have to great a history with her treachery and her deceit over to many years. WE reported but we stayed vigilant.
As is her history it was all smoke and mirrors. She was not here to fumigate D.C. or to overcome UPS. She was here for deal making with Bush Senior and to provide cover for additional trade attempts which she was trying to slip through. All were caught and blocked. She has been personally involved in the sabotage of deliveries the last few days.
Upon arrival she was to provide to US and to certain 'reporters' copies of all the historical paperwork discussed last night. Her failure to do so confirmed our suspicions and the non-existent carrier personnel removed all doubt. She failed in all aspects of her mission and is on her way home now with, as WE hear it, her tail between her legs.
Reporters, now alert to all the goings on reported here, have been trying without success to access the Archives which has peaked their interest even more.
The Nations are furious with all this deception and gamesmanship. Everyone is thoroughly disgusted with her Ladyships performance.
Current news says deliveries 'back on go' for tomorrow, Announcements including Constitution to be made and the Fumigation and flushing of all of D.C. to take place without her Ladyships assistance.
                  casper   4-29-10   #3