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    The explosive situation in D.C. has EXPLODED this afternoon causing still another delivery delay.
Much of what "WE think we know" will not be mentioned in tonight's update pending further confirmation which WE are working hard to obtain. So for now lets observe together the following spectacular development which has been confirmed.
Last night WE mentioned that things happen hourly not weekly and this is a great example. Suddenly HER LADYSHIP THE QUEEN is engaged in a "to the death struggle" with Obama and it is a 'take no prisoners' situation.
Above and beyond the usual 'rats in the sack' chewing on each other as often reported here and elsewhere, her Ladyship has learned that vast quantities of Documents bearing her forged signature have been in play since the Bush Senior Administration with a huge increase in such frauds under Obama. Her reaction to this today and the subsequent 'knife fight' with Obama which is still underway goes something like this;
When the U.S. was Incorporated in 1861 by Lincoln (when the South walked out leaving The Congress without a quorum), it was apparently The Queen of that era who financed the North in the war. Her Ladyship claims, and insist she has the Documents to back up her claims, that she owns the Corporation of Washington D.C.  either from day one or as a result of subsequent financial defaults, WE are unsure which and it really does not matter. She says she owns the ten square mile area we know as Washington D.C. and all in it AND she has today ordered Obama and all D.C. politicians to vacate her property immediately. WE hear lots of folks in D.C. including Congress People are in shock tonight.
Remember the teachings of "S" who said, as best as I can recall, that the original 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations Contract entered into by Lincoln was renewed for another 70 years by FDR expiring in 2003 with a five year extension to 2008 OR the original date was measured from 1938 when the Supreme Court finally codified into law what FDR had done five years earlier. Then WE ,"S" and others wrote extensively about this during the 2008/2009 time frame with a 'bottom line' position from us that Bush Junior tried, unsucessfully,  to put our country into still another 70 year Bankruptcy in '08 but was not allowed to do so by the creditors. WE are now hearing, and today's activities may have something to do with it, that all the attendant Documents were "buried" beyond anyone's reach. They 'overlooked' her Ladyships copy.  All of the pertinent historical documents have now been sequestered, buried in such a way as to require codes to access them in the National Archives. You may recall our previous updates reporting our conversations with Switzerland and the trip over there to try and obtain a copy of their copies signed by Roosevelt. WE struck out and now find these "Lockdowns" still going on in modern day America. These matters, considered historical before now, appear to be pivotal in the unfolding situation.
And so, tonight's message is Big Big Fight, Obama and the Queen with Obama and all D.C. Politicians ordered out immediately by her Ladyship.
Other matters, equally interesting, will have to wait for confirmations tomorrow.
                   casper   4-28-10  #2