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CASPER UDATE #1 : APRIL 28, 2010

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     Most of the G-20 Reps have gone home now, a few stayed behind to see things through to completion. One last time they tried still another trade attempt, it was caught and stopped.
The packs are still out and still expected today.
The latest series of SCAMS emanating from the White House were remarkable for their complexity and scope and the number of high level CORPORATION PERSONEL involved.
The promises of "if Come" money used to bribe individuals and nations and courts finally 'burned itself out' what with Obama's inability to deliver resulting in all who bought his B.S. ending up empty handed and at each others throats. Then they went to the "Forged Documents" SCAMS  minor parts of which WE reported. It turns out the FORGERIES are massive, staggering in their shear quantity. 'Beyond unbelievable'. Way beyond the forged signatures of ALL RECIPIENTS in all programs. It includes Agreements and Contracts between Nations with Geithner running the Banking aspect of the Scams, Hillary running the Diplomatic aspect and John Roberts validating the signatures on all the phony Documents, Contracts and Agreements knowing full well they were forged and bogus. WE hear Obama is facing more than 100 charges in this respect. There are huge amounts of Forged Documents in every Big Bank in connection with the attempt to divert all money to themselves from the rightful recipients.
The various Frauds with Forged Documents at the heart of each aspect of it is so massive you would not think it possible even in a third world country. All of it originated and was being perpetrated from the Obama White House. There are stacks and stacks of Fake and Forged Agreements even between Nations all of which are being declared 'Null and Void". The Heads of various Governments say 'THEY WILL BE BRINGING CHARGES AGAINST OBAMA, THE CLINTONS, GEITHNER, ROBERTS AND CERTAIN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.
                        casper   4-28-10