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    367,000 more foreclosures last quarter.
Up 19% month over month. 10% of all PRIME mortgages in arrears. Unemployment benefits extended for fifth time. Banks loaded with Trillions of Bogus 'assets', hundreds of Trillions of still unaccounted for derivatives. Even Commercial Real Estate still 'marked to phony models' to hide the truth. Banks Bankrupt. The Corporation, Bankrupt.  "AMERICA IS BACK" scream the magazine covers and the talking heads. More MOPE. "Management of Economic Perspectives" which, when coupled with market manipulation, amounts to BRAINWASHING and INTENTIONALLY misleading those they were elected to serve. 'They' may try to blame the collapse on Greece or some such. Don't fall for it, Greece is not the Illuminati owned Fed Res or the utterly corrupt U.S. Corporation and its 'Treasury Department' or the phony/fake/bogus/forged financial instruments which have bankrupted their privately owned monetary system.
Meanwhile, a steady flow of 'free' fiat money from the Fed to the Banks which the Banks then use to purchase Treasury Debt netting a guaranteed profit provided by the privately owned monetary system. The bank executives continue to pocket huge bonuses while their toxic 'asset' losses are absorbed by the Fed then laid off on taxpayers for generations to come. Can you say FRAUD? The magnitude of this ponzi scam is breathtaking yet rare is the 'talking head' willing to explain it to the masses.
Meanwhile the Fed provides FTAM ( from thin air money) to foreign central Banks and Hedge Funds which then buy Treasury Debt giving the appearance of successful Treasury Auctions while China admits publicly for the fourth month in a row they are no longer acquiring U.S. Debt Instruments. Bernake testifies to House Banking Committee this week he is adding one thousand new 'regulators' while all 'sources' say the FED is gone, dead and about to be buried. The Illusion, the Charade, is equally breath taking. Meanwhile the Fed creates still more FTAM for the other western central banks which flood their economies with new Trillions of fiat dollars (Q.E.) as they all collude in the attempt to save the existing status quo. All they are actually accomplishing is to put off the day of reckoning, from 2008 to present.
Meanwhile the 'anti-tea party' protestors march around with signs proclaiming "tax cuts for 95% of the people" while 600B in new taxes passed into law (healthcare), Democrats announce 15 cent per gallon fuel tax might be used instead of 'cap and trade' taxes (to get directly into our wallets instead of taxing energy producers), Bush tax cuts to expire RAISING taxes across the board and VAT discussions popping up all over D.C. (in addition to and on top of Income Taxes).  Orwells 'up is down, green is red, false is true'.  And Kool-aid without end for the 40% who just can't get enough. VAT was voted down in the Senate today but rest assured they are coming after your wallet with a spoon or a shovel. How else can they finance their takeover of America?
Meanwhile 45 million each is spent improving two bridges from the U.S. into Mexico. One averages four cars a day, the other twelve cars a day while the remaining 400B of Stimulus Funds were stolen and Banked in Europe in the personal names of the Politicians including Obama. Even the rats at Pelosi's $30,000,000 rat farm in San Fran are to embarrassed to show themselves.
Meanwhile a 'mad calf scramble' is underway worldwide as the criminals operatives search high and low for any remaining 'suckers', someone, anyone, anywhere to buy still more of their bogus forged financial instruments.
Meanwhile every disclosure, whether from here or elsewhere, leads to even more intense secrecy and obfuscation similar to the black smoke pouring from the volcano in Iceland. For every item WE report there are likely ten more we know nothing about. Some of this is understandable. Think what 'financial speculators' could do with completely accurate Intell and Timing. Most of it however is for the likely purpose of CYA (cover your a__) as the criminals scramble to find some way to explain away all they have done.  WE hear they are wasting their time.
Meanwhile, almost daily, additional hidden Health Care Bill provisions continue to be exposed above and beyond Obama's attempt to Securitize and sell the income stream 30 years in advance of its realization. Allowing Insurance Companies to RAISE not lower health care premiums in order to comply with new Government mandates was this weeks 'biggie'. Of course this makes the Senators and Congressmen/women who argued publicly the Bill would provide a 'reduction' in healthcare cost now look like 'village idiots' which is exactly what they are. They were "set up" by Reid, Pelosi and Obama and did not even know what was in the Bill until after they voted for it. The purpose of the Bill is Government takeover, CONTROL of the income stream, not healthcare. No sense confusing things further by discussing this motivation with anyone not in a 'need to know' office. This Bill is an absolute disaster for the Medical Profession and for America and every new poll confirms that more and more Americans are awakening to late to the realities of what it means to them.
As you know WE spend a great deal of time and energy focusing your attention on what 'the bad guys' are up to.
Remember this please, we could not have come from where we were to where we are now if the bad guys were as all powerful as they would have you believe.
Also remember the prior 'light switch' analogy. Its dark until--- suddenly---its light.
                                              casper   4-16-10  opinion