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  Not mentioned before now is that the major Domestic Banks filed for Bankruptcy at least for those legal subsidiaries holding all the toxic assets such as dirivatives.
There was a plan WE are not ready to discuss in detail yet but it involved withdrawing the filings as soon as OBAMA delivered to the Banks the "if come" money to be stolen from our Program Funds.
The Banks are saying today Obama has promised them our money by 6 p.m. tonight, that they are going to get our funds from him and there is not a G.D. thing we can do about it. UPS has been saying similar, that neither they or any other carrier will touch the packs and no one has any power over them as Obama is protecting them. UPS says the Banks must have the funds and both UPS and the Banks have literally told everyone to "go to hell" and that no one can touch them. These are the reasons why deliveries have not occurred today as scheduled (rescheduled).
As WE have reported several times Obama can not get at the funds, he can only talk a good game with the willing and desparate kool-aid drinkers.
Action-reaction. Hold fast, all is being dealt with, severely.
                     casper   4-16-10