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The Banks are claiming they didn't know the Trillions upon Trillions of Fake and Forged Bonds, Notes and Gold Certificates they are holding were totally bogus. They are lying. They knew, they just didn't think it would ever be exposed.
This afternoon the 'subject on the table' was their survival. They said they must have the 'program funds' to survive. Told no, not ever, they made a play for the recovered stolen Stimulus Funds. "You stole them once, it will never happen again" they were told. Then they demanded the recovered Marshall Plan Funds. "No, that belongs to the American people as well and you will never obtain them".
Well, what are we to do they asked. "Root Hog or Die Poor" was the answer.
(Go To Work or Die Poor)
The Banks knew, here and abroad, they were participating in a variety of scams, they just didn't think it possible they would be caught or exposed. That has now happened.
Regarding Slick Willies trip to Japan today he will find that to be "a dry hole".
                        casper   4-15-10   #3
p.s. It has now been determined that Jintao, Ying and "The Judge" (in China) were heavily involved in the Fake Gold (Tungsten) being peddled in Hong Kong and around the world.
p.p.s. There is a WAR going on every bit as big as any previous WAR. This one is a Banking/Financial WAR underway for well over a decade as reported here weekly if not daily. Every possible effort has been expended to inform you who the adversaries are, the motivations behind their activities, the real 'powers' behind the visible combatants, the current state of the conflict and how our program funding fit into the 'big picture'. Some of you are not suited to 'front row seats' in a conflict of this magnitude and intensity. As WE have suggested several times before, those who are deeply troubled by the emotional swings inherent in the back and forth of the daily battles described here should withdraw. For the sake of your health you should withdraw. After very careful consideration in days gone by decisions were made  that 'watering down' the truth or 'not reporting the truth' for the sake of the few would be a great disservice to the many. No one is forcing you to read and get upset. To the many WE again say, 'WE don't know everything' but surely you must realize by now that WE know more than most. Even if you don't WE can assure you that those affected by the disclosures appearing here most certainly do.