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 JINTAO was here under orders to get the packs out immediately and to 'pick up' China's money afterward.
His real and hidden objective was to recoup those 'eggs' the Bunny Rabbit had been collecting as previously reported. He was doing all possible to stall and delay in cooperation with others for that one purpose.
Meanwhile he and others continued trade attempts, several, all of which were blocked.
Simultaneously He, Ying and Roberts had still another scam running in parallel which was to access some of the funds in Trust Accounts overseas. They were successful but those funds have subsequently been recouped and put back where they belong.
Through all of this, over a period of several days, he continued to press "us" for more information about scams being uncovered daily. He did not know that WE knew he was holding huge amounts of Forged Bonds and Gold Certificates he was trying to cash Internationally. After this was exposed in these updates no Bank anywhere in the world will touch these Forged Instruments which are now being "borrowed back" (confiscated) by that rascal Bunny Rabbit. All along he was playing 'good guy' with 'us' on the one hand while attempting all these scams simultaneously with the other hand in cooperation with Ying, Roberts, certain "family members" and others both here and abroad.. WE know the approximate location of still more hidden accounts and the 'Bunny Rabbit' is hot on the trail of those.
JINTAO, YING and CERTAIN FAMILY MEMBERS have now been recalled to CHINA by their bosses there. They and high level Dignitaries around the world have more than ONE MILLION FORGED BONDS AND GOLD CERTIFICATES in play and scattered all over the world. They are being confiscated by the truckload.
The packs were out again but pulled back and deliveries again stopped by the combined efforts of Jintao, Ying, Roberts and OBAMA.
This situation has been overcome and the packs are once again 'on the move'.
                       casper   4-15-10