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 The following disclosures were held back for a couple of days to give the Investigators time to do their thing;
Faked and Forged Bonds and Gold Certificates were being created from within the World Court and distributed by the World Court.
The "FORGER" is known but not being identified at this time.
All or most all of the World Court Justices are involved or knew what was happening.
Those involved range from Washington D.C. to Foreign Banks to Foreign Central Banks to the BIS to the Vatican.
Those involved thought they had the "protection" of the World Court. This morning they learn they no longer have that protection.
The Countries state they will prosecute their respective Justices.
They have said this before many times. 
It is time now the world sees some action instead of talk.
In addition, FORGED Bonds, etc. are in every major Domestic Bank put there by Geithner and others and some banks knew they were Forgeries.
Foreign and domestic banks are 'in so deep' they don't know 'what is to become of them'.
Bundesbank is in so deep their foundation is sinking into the ground.
Although the packs were still in D.C. this morning 'the good guys' state deliveries will not go past today.
               casper    4-14-10