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Lets review shall we the scams being reported here:
1). The never ending attempts to STEAL the Prosperity Program Funds using professional hackers, Bill Gates, the Pentagon, White House and many other computers which were traced back to 'source'.
2). The never ending attempts to illegally TRADE various 'deposits' of funds not belonging to them.
3). The never ending attempt to TRADE other peoples money by using said deposits 'AS COLLATERAL' for such trades.
4). The THEFT of 400B of 'Stimulus Funds' hidden in 135 plus plus plus accounts in Europe in the names of Obama, U.S. Senators, Congressmen and Executive Branch Personel, many Heads of State, World Court Judges, etc etc etc.....
5). Obama's attempt to float a 2.5T BOND in Switzerland TO FINANCE the Health Care Bill using FORGED Signatures of Freedom Participants and some ligitimate 'political signatures' as collateral.
6). Obama's attempt to raise 44.5T by selling a BOND with a 35 year term using FORGED COLLATERAL with 42T to Obama personally and the remainder to finance the supposedly self sustaining Health Care Bill.
7). The Three Amigoes BANKING SCAM led by Obama using FORGED COLLATERAL and BRIBED World Court Judges to create an illegal carousel of cash flow and corruption through five domestic banks.
8) A similar or identical scam implemented INTERNATIONALLY using FORGED DOCUMENTS as collateral to borrow from foreign Banks with Chinese and Japanese Banks hit especially hard.
9). The constant intercept of FREEDOM DELIVERIES using such as HLS, World Court Judges and Military Brass to prevent deliveries which would have exposed these ongoing scams.
10). Additional simultaneous scams as being reported by other internet reporters.
                All of which confirms previous updates saying;
A). The Corporation is a Criminal Enterprise.
B). Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption.
C). The Beltway is a giant toilet seat.
D). Obama is the Current Leader of all this corruption not some sort of 'double agent'.
E). The 2700 page Health Care Bill providing cover for the Communist Takeover of America could not possibly be financed as sold to the American people by Obama, Reid and Pelosi.
F). That 'they' "will do anything, literally anything, to maintain themselves in power and to preserve the status quo".
G). That top leaders here and world wide are involved in these scams, are 'on the list' of accounts containing stolen funds and have willingly and knowingly participated in the theft and attempted theft of tens of Trillions if not hundreds of trillions of dollars.
H). That each and every undertaking was for the additional purpose of precluding the 'common people' of the world from obtaining Sovereignty and Prosperity.
I). That 'Socializing" the Trillions in loss's of Criminal Banking Institutions was and is part of the plan.
J). That the words CHANGE and COMMUNISM are interchangeable in Obama's America.
k). That all the corrupt activities reported here are part and parcel of the Big Picture advanced schedule NWO takeover of America with Obama in the role of JUDAS GOAT.
                                               casper    4-3-10   #1