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   Continuing again with the OBAMA BANKING SCAMS:
"THEY" were wondering about the other shoe to drop? Lets see if this will 'hold them' at least until tomorrow.
The previously named Banks are all in the same predicament. They say they can not pay back the funds necessary to make the situation whole and must close even by Monday if required to come up with the funds. They were accepting Fraudulent Documents for loans to Obama totaling Trillions of Dollars.
They have been told 'you loaned the money didn't you'--well, yes.
'You were paid back with stolen funds made from trading the Freedom Funds Illegally were you not'--well, yes.
So where is that money? No answer.
'So actually you have not lost a penny have you'? No answer.
The answer friends, is that they pocketed vast quantities of funds they knew in advance were being obtained illegally and are now claiming 'empty pockets' because, actually, the funds were loaned back to Obama. . Guess what this does to the Banks innocent share holders.  There were hundreds of these loans, more than 100 at B of A alone.
WE hear this scam was planned even before Obama became President. It was a method to bankrupt the Banks resulting in a Government takeover of the Banks. The Banks were so busy making money-illegally-only now have they realized the trap Obama set for them.
This was, let us say, the THREE AMIGOS SCAM. OBAMA, THE CLINTONS AND BIDEN. No doubt Geithner fits in here somewhere so WE might have to change this scams name soon.
The World Court Judges continued to assist the various Obama sabotage's and their Waterloo also draws neigh.
The Banks are saying they could call in every loan they have on the books and it would still not be enough to repay the stolen funds.
The Banks are saying they have just now realized Obama is an accomplished Scam Artist. BULL_HIT. The Banks knew from the beginning the Signatures on the Collateral were FORGED. They have been willing participants from the beginning.
Obama has ordered the Banks to destroy all paper work. It would do them no good if they did as all Documents are now in the hands of State Auditors.
Tell us Dear State Auditors, where were you while this incredibly HUGE scam involving hundreds of liens was being perpetuated over and over again during the past year?
Deliveries have been ordered tonight. We shall see.
                   casper   4-2-10   #4