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   CLARIFICATION: WE have been reporting several different OBAMA SCAMS this week.
The reporting of several, sometimes in the same update, has no doubt caused some confusion and the add on of still another scam being reported for the first time this morning is no doubt adding to the confusion, so for the sake of clarification lets describe this latest scam as a stand alone item as follows;
OBAMA has been borrowing money from the Domestic Banks named over and over again to keep his bribery operation going.
The collateral for these multitudes of loans was the Freedom Funds with the forged signatures of all Freedom Participants provided to the Banks by Obama and the Banks knew they were forged. As the loans came due over and over again Obama would not pay, then the bribed World Court Judges would rule the Freedom Participant liable as they were the 'guarantors' (forged) on the loans. The Court would then seize the appropriate amount of Freedom Funds and pay the Banks off after they had filed liens against the transactions and the 'guarantors'. These pay offs to the Banks by the Court naturally included exorbitant fees, profits, etc..
OBAMA obtains a continuous flow of funds from domestic banks in on the scam, never repays the loans, the banks file liens, the Court seizes Freedom Funds and gives it to the banks which make more loans to Obama. A carousel of continuous cash flow and corruption with all parties understanding what is going on while the Freedom Accounts are constantly being depleted.
Meanwhile all the other scams recently reported were being run simultaneously and in parallel. The 40++T scam, by the way, was 42T to Obama personally and 2.5T to finance the "supposedly self financing" Health Care bill, this being a slight change in the numbers reported yesterday. Guess what the failure of this financing scam does to the Health Care takeover.
WE trust this clarification will assist your understanding.
         casper   4-2-10   #2