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  Last night the word was that the packs had supposedly left D.C. at 11 p.m. for delivery today. Between 11 and midnight WE could find nothing moving. The packs were located in the Supreme Court this morning. At that time they were still claiming they were out for delivery last night which was not true.
Meanwhile WE were learning overnight that the "International Court" referred to in recent updates is not a new and different Court but rather all or some of the existing World Court Judges continuing to stall and sabotage while calling themselves "the International Court".
Some Senators and Congressmen DID SIGN the Documents WE have been reporting about the past 48 hours. Not all signatures were forged. This sentence is referring to OBAMA's Swiss Bond Deal.
To the list of Banks involved as reported yesterday add Wachovia which was also involved and knew, along with the others, that what they were doing was illegal and also knew all of the signatures were forged. The motivation of each of these Banks was to make money from these illegal activities. ALL documents involved in these multiple Obama Deals with these Banks were based on forged documents, complete forgeries top to bottom. Once things "blew up" in their faces the Banks filed Liens on the illegal activities/trades etc. and the Court paid the liens off making the Banks whole at our expense. The Court was attempting to make program recipients liable for these liens and the funds necessary to pay them off.
The Banks have now been given until 5 p.m. today to pay back all monies illegally paid to them. The Court has been told they were responsible for paying the money to the Banks, that they knew it was a Fraud and Illegal and they are now liable themselves and have until 5 p.m. to put the funds back where they belong. "We don't have the money" says the Court". "That's your problem" they were told by the Countries.
Meanwhile the packs left the Supreme Court and went to the airport where their departure was stopped by the World Court/International Court.
The latest intell says that problem is also being addressed by the Countries and that packs will leave D.C. momentarily.
                       casper   4-2-10   #1