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  OBAMA's BOND was 42T not 40T with 40T to him personally and 2T for Health Care. THE TERM WAS FOR 35 YEARS.
The Documents were FORGED showing Senators and Congressmen/womens approval.
He has a "FORGER" working for him in the White House.
He will have a "welcoming committee" waiting for him when he returns tonight----Senators and Congressmen.
He issued an Executive Order to the Swiss, imagine that, to try to stop the handover of FORGED DOCUMENTS to the International Court. Of course they would not honor it besides which the documents had already been handed over to the Court.
Co-operating parties, ever getting any of their money back, is not in the cards, as all transactions are now 'down the tubes'.
This is not the first time he has done this with previous transactions done through Goldman Sachs, B of A, Chase and Citi.
                      casper   4-1-10   #3